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click to enlarge Correction officer Demeria Thomas at the door of Edward's cell as Antonio Holt and Kevin Moore go after being beaten.  - SCREEN SHOT


Correction officer Demeria Thomas at the door of Edward’s cell as Antonio Holt and Kevin Moore go after being beaten.

Last year, an RFT front-page story described a brutal beating in the center of the City Justice Center, which was captured on surveillance video. The attack on the victim, pseudonymously named Edward, appeared to be carried out with the blessing of a detective named Demeria Thomas.

The story came to international news, though Thomas’ motivation remained unknown. Now, a Fox 2 News interview with one of the assailants has shed light on the situation.

Inmate Kevin Moore said Edward’s “talk back and forth” with Thomas inspired her to order Moore and another prisoner, named Antonio Holt, to beat Edward.

“I think I might be even more confused,” Edward’s mother told RFT about this revelation. “I know I’m more angry now, knowing it was all just over words.”

The surveillance video, taken March 22, 2021, shows Moore and Holt chatting with Thomas at her guard station. Thomas then stands passively as Holt enters Edward’s cell and beats him for about thirty seconds. Edward is seen on footage falling down the toilet of his cell. Holt continues to beat him while he is down. Moore then comes in and beats Edward several times.

As other inmates hear the assault and approach the cell, Thomas orders them to stand back. After being beaten for a full minute, Thomas slowly walks over to the cell and puts a stop to it.

“He’s dead,” someone can be heard shouting, though this turned out not to be true.

click to enlarge From left: Demeria Thomas, Antonio Holt, Kevin Moore are all charged with crimes.  - ST.  LOUIS METROPOLITAN POLICE


From left: Demeria Thomas, Antonio Holt, Kevin Moore are all charged with crimes.

Thomas has since pleaded guilty to federal charges of depriving an inmate of his civil rights. She is scheduled to be convicted of these charges on May 10.

Because of the “roar back and forth” Thomas Moore ordered to attack Edward, Moore said in the Fox 2 interview, saying that if he did not comply, he would be sent to the hole. According to Moore, Thomas also threatened to store a weapon in his cell and accuse him of sexual assault. After being beaten, Thomas Moore gave $ 20 worth of marijuana and five cigarettes, he said.

“I do not see why she would have gone so extremely over words,” says Edward’s mother now. “I just do not understand.”

“His aka is Crazy Moore,” Thomas’ defense attorney Terrence Niehoff told Fox 2, “and he’s telling a story to shift the blame instead of going up and admitting he was wrong – just like Demeria.”

In his interview, Niehoff noted that Moore is still facing charges of a 2019 robbery at Behrmann’s Tavern in the southern city, which originally sent Moore to jail. This surveillance video also went viral; in it, while Moore robs the bar and points a gun at customers, a pristine protector remains on his bar stool while quietly smoking a cigarette while other customers hit the floor. We named the patron, Tony Tovar, “the Coldest Man in the World.”

Moore is charged with four counts of robbery and four counts of armed misconduct arising from the incident.

Thomas faces third-degree assault, in addition to the conviction for the federal civil rights indictment.

Edward’s mother says, more than a year after the attack, her son is in pain every day and has developed a strain.

“I feel that [Thomas] should have more charges against her, ”she says.

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