A new genre-bending Sci-Fi trilogy

Dark Horse Books is thrilled to present the first two volumes of a genre-bending sci-fi trilogy Joyama! Illustrator and cartoonist Daniel Isles (also known by his pen name DirtyRobot) creates an immersive experience through the intricate city of Joyama, introducing eclectic characters and exploring the futuristic architecture of a densely populated metropolis while weaving a stylish fast-paced action-packed story of mystery and suspense.

IN Joyama Volume 1a recently closed case has been reopened following a high-level assassination attempt, but this was no ordinary dismantling.

Longtime friends Ringo, Arwen and Silas are members of an elite team known as the Outrider Soldiers, a team of ambitious individuals contracted by prestigious clients and officials to shake down organized crime. After receiving information about the hit, a recently closed case is reopened. With ties to the most notorious crime syndicates and influential people in the city, the conspiracy surrounding the case is deepened and the danger intensified. Is the case worth their freedom, their relationship, their life? Or could there be something more worth pursuing – an ordinary life, peace. . . love?

And in Joyama Volume 2the tension is rising in the city and a much awaited tournament can see it all break out.

Two houses are on the brink of war, as coordinated attacks are carried out throughout the city – and hit the royal house’s sacred cultural heritage. With a legendary tournament underway, the city is on alert and all eyes are on the House of Vipers – those suspected of committing the violent acts. Meanwhile, Rubi has created a new home for herself, where she lives with Ringo – she’s officially an Outrider assistant with a few missions under her belt and now, tough as nails. But Ringo apparently has only two things on his mind – to take revenge on Black Cotton and imagine everything that could have been with his love, Arwen. With Ringo’s team barely, a new member joins the team – unlike any other! Amid noise from the upcoming tournament, the city in turmoil and Viper activity at the border, Outriders quickly discovers that this alleged feud goes deeper than a house rivalry.

“This book is truly a passion project, and I hope readers become so immersive that they feel like they are the inhabitants of Joyama themselves. This melting pot of madness, emotion, and love.” – Daniel Isles

Joyama Volume 1
will be available wherever books are sold on May 10, 2022. It can be pre-ordered at Amazon, Barnes & Nobleand with your local comic book store and bookstore. Joyama Volume 2 will be available wherever books are sold (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound) December 13, 2022, with the conclusion in volume 3 soon! They sell for $ 19.99 each.

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