DaBaby apparently involved in quarrels with his artist wisdom

Sheesh! #Roommates DaBaby has gone viral again. This time, the rapper was apparently involved in a physical altercation Friday night with his own artist Wisdom.

In a now viral clip, shot Friday at the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC, a man who appears to be DaBaby is seen walking backstage before suddenly spinning and striking a blow at a man in the corner. The man, allegedly Wisdom, immediately began swinging back with a quick stab. They both got their hits in before the match was quickly spread by their entourage and safety.

No word on what led to the brief altercation, but this is not the first, second or third time DaBaby has reportedly been involved in an incident.

Last week, police confirmed that DaBaby was the man behind the gun that injured an intruder on his property. According to police, he reportedly exchanged words with the intruder before shooting him in the leg.

“He’s invading my property … I do not know what he’s here for. What he’s here to take, what he’s here to do,” DaBaby said. “He’s neutralized until you get here.”

You may also remember back in February, when DaBaby was involved in a fight on a bowling alley with Brandon Bills, DaniLeigh’s brother. Several angles of the situation apparently show DaBaby going up to Brandon and hitting the first blow against the Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California. DaBaby continued to assert self-defense. But the case has since stalled due to Brandon’s refusal to cooperate with law enforcement.

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