Cybersecurity expert warns ‘Pegasus’ spyware has ignited a privacy debate

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Cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright described the intent and possibilities of the spyware and citizen surveillance technology “Pegasus”, calling it “worrying” in Saturday’s “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino”.

MORGAN WRIGHT: It’s called zerotouch infection, and that’s what it means, zero-touch. You do not have to do anything. They just need a little bit of information about your phone, maybe a phone number. Maybe they scan an area with another tool and identify all the phones that are there because they can get their unique ID numbers and then they start targeting. They start to figure out who is moving, who is going in there. And I want to tell you, Dan, it’s not like a physical piece of equipment that if I took a gun from you, you could not copy one just out of thin air. But if I took the software from you, you would have a copy somewhere. This thing can spread and it can grow much faster than our ability to track it and stop it. That’s the dangerous piece. We do not know whose hands it will end up in. The cartels, other intelligence agencies. So for me, this is one of the most worrying pieces of software I have ever seen.


It is very hard, even from a forensic point of view. You know, one of the ways when you get malware on there is sometimes generating extra battery life, or they know about this and or slowing down your battery life, so warm things up so if you have a hot phone. But honestly, the only way you find out is when someone from the FBI or the intelligence service comes and knocks on your door and says, “Hey sir, we’ve got information from your phone.”


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