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Crossrail: Citymapper launches Elizabeth Line trip planner before opening


itymapper has launched a travel planner for Elizabeth Line in anticipation of its long-awaited opening in the coming months.

The line, which has risen in cost by £ 4bn. to more than £ 20bn, to open in June following successive delays. An exact opening date is expected to be announced soon.

Citymapper has now launched a new option in its app that allows users to plan their trip in advance using the new line.

In the app, users are told: “With our technology, we have built a transport time machine that has already added all 3 phases of Elizabeth Line to our app.

“Plan a trip to see how Elizabeth Line will speed up your commute!”

Phase one of the rollout – in May or June 2022 – will introduce 10 new Elizabeth Line stations in central London from Abbey Wood to Paddington.

Phase two, scheduled to begin in the autumn, will integrate east and west services into the new central tunnels and stations, enabling trips from Reading and Heathrow to Abbey Wood and from Sheffield to Paddington.

The third and final phase in the spring of 2023 will see all routes up and running at 24 trains per hour.

TfL documents have revealed that there is a 50 percent chance that the line will open in May and an 80 percent chance that it will be open at the end of June.

Crossrail CEO Mark Wild told the TfL board earlier this year that the project had a “very successful festive period” and that “we left Christmas with pretty much the railway very close to the configuration – not quite – but very close to the configuration to accept customers ”.

Wild added that with the exception of Bond Street, Elizabeth Line stations are “now ready for revenue service”.

TfL Commissioner Andy Byford has said that the launch of Crossrail must be “flawless” and that TfL must ensure that the services can run reliably from the start.

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