Creating a portfolio of scholarship projects is a priority for “Dubai Charity”

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Ahmed Al Suwaidi, executive director of the Dubai Charitable Association, confirmed that in the next phase, the association tends to focus on scholarship projects to diversify and maintain revenue, based on a basic rule of thumb that “sustainable charitable work needs a sustainable talent. ”

He told Al-Bayan: “The board of the new Dubai Charitable Society is working to develop a clear and solid strategy in the charitable endowment sector, as it is an important and sustainable source of support and funding for humanitarian and charitable work that ensures continuity in providing charitable assistance and services.Therefore, the creation of a portfolio of scholarship projects is a top priority in the light of sharia and legal controls in order to increase the financial income of these scholarships and the association and help to help the greatest possible number of needy and people with limited income, inside in the Emirates, and the poor and affected in many countries of the world.

He stressed that scholarship projects are receiving attention from the association’s new board, which believes in the role of this type of project in the sustainability of charitable work and the provision of sustainable income to spend on charitable projects, whether in or without for the country. . Al-Suwaidi said: Sustainable charity needs a sustainable endowment and that is what we are working on and thinking about to become an idea and an approach in the association’s plans and projects as the board turned its attention to scholarships during the next stage according to the order of priority in projects and disbursement, especially after this type of project became a basic need And a fixed source of income and financing of the association’s programs.

New villas

He revealed that the association’s first grant projects will be a project to build a couple of residential villas in the Jumeirah area of ​​Dubai to be rented and the profits to be used to fund its assistance programs that specifically cover the needs of needy families.

Al Suwaidi said: “We have a co-operation and partnership agreement with the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation in Dubai to build a sustainable grant on land provided by a donor to the fund. The project is to build a couple of villas in the Jumeirah area at the association’s expense. to invest the rented dividend in expenses for particularly needy families. “

Partnership and integration

The CEO emphasized the “Dubai Charities” eager to build strategic partnerships and cooperation agreements in the next phase, especially with charities and communities in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates to increase sustainability in this sector, and stressed that complementarity in charities and humanitarian work “required between these institutions.” To maintain and develop its work and expand the circle of recipients of its bids inside and outside the country.


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