Cool and cloudy in Birmingham, but hoping for holidays

A cooler and cloudy period is expected for Birmingham ahead of the holidays. The city is set for a predominantly dry week, but with a chance of showers on Monday (April 25).

The Met Office has confirmed temperatures of a maximum of cool 13C before the weekend with a hope that they will rise until the May 1st holidays. The UK National Weather Service said: “A light but cool start will allow for a day of sunshine and a scattering of showers. However, most showers will be light and fleeting. Lighter winds than recently, but also slightly cooler.

“Any prolonged showers will die out tonight and the cloud will break up further and provide mostly clear skies overnight. Maybe a touch of frost on exposed spots. Minimum temperature 1 ° C.”

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The dull conditions are set to continue throughout the week with cold starts to the day with some hope of sunshine and warmer weather later in the week. The forecast continued: “Tuesday will be light first. Clouds will build from the east until the morning, although most places will remain dry throughout. Mostly light wind. Maximum temperature 13 ° C.

“Mostly dry and stable but often cloudy from Wednesday (April 27) to Friday (April 29). Thursday will probably be the brightest day. Risk of night frost becoming warmer at the end of the week.”

Temperatures are set to rise slightly to 15C during the holidays – but cloudy weather is expected to continue in the city. The long-term forecast for the UK predicts that the beginning of May ‘may become turbulent with the risk of slightly cooler air coming from the north’. But a good deal of dry weather [is] expected ‘in the middle to late May with’ temperatures likely to be close to or above normal ‘.

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