Considering Warner’s “Batgirl” for the cinema?

Considering Warner’s “Batgirl” for the cinema?

With the new management of Warner Bros. Discovery, every project in production (and no doubt development) is under revision, and it seems that an obvious change could be on the way.

Originally, Warners only planned to release mid-sized superhero movies on HBO Max as a way to boost subscribers, with both “Batgirl” and “Blue Beetle” originally considering this route.

‘Beetle’ switched to a theatrical release a while back, but the already-completed production of “Batgirl” movies with a budget of $ 70 million was recorded and made with the intention of going directly to the streaming service.

That may no longer be the case, as Puck News reports that DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures are now considering releasing “Batgirl” in theaters with plans to spend some more money on film finishing (namely VFX, music) and marketing to go to the theater.

The talk comes as “The Batman”, which comes from its excellent $ 750 million global ticket sales, launched last week on HBO Max and reportedly pulls huge numbers up for the service with a first week viewership of 4.1 million according to Samba Analytics – struck the first week’s ratings of almost all of its day-and-date movies last year with the sole exception of “Mortal Kombat” (4.3 million).

Source: Puck News

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