Consider adding Thrust Carbon Data to the Etta Platform

Deem is collaborating with Thrust Carbon to provide information on carbon emissions from aircraft, hotels and car rentals in Deem’s Etta booking and travel management platform, the company announced.

Etta’s EcoCheck function will display CO2 emission data for each supplier at the time of booking as well as total emissions for a trip during and after booking. For flights, emission data are based on route, airline, aircraft type and travel class and will include a comparison with average emissions for the route. Hotel data will include the property’s score on the Thrust Carbons Hotel Sustainability Index, a 100-point scale based on a hotel’s market segment, eco-labels, net-zero plans and such scores as the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative and Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking data. Car rental data is based on location, car type and rental length.

EcoCheck will be available on Etta’s web and Android platform in late May, according to Deem. It will also be available on iOS at some point this year, though a specific time frame is not yet available, according to a Deem spokesman.

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