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‘Completely irresponsible’ for Russia to ‘even raise ghost’ for nuclear warfare: John Kirby

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Pentagon press secretary John Kirby challenged Russia to hover the possibility of waging nuclear war on Thursday on “Your World.”

JOHN KIRBY: This is straight out of the Russian playbook. If you arm information, they figured out how they could arm diplomacy, and now they arm energy. The Bulgarians have said they are already looking at opportunities and the polls have said they have opportunities and they have some reserves they can draw on. And that’s why President Biden set up a task force working with the EU over there to help diversify natural gas supplies across Europe. This is a time for all nations to meet. In fact, the United States is looking for ways to actually help supply some of it on its own. This is a time for all these nations to meet, and we must – push this coercion back. This is classic Russian behavior. The bottom line is… this is the action of a leader who knows he is weaker than he was 63 days ago before deciding to invade Ukraine.

But as he gets weaker, as his military gets strained inside Ukraine, as he has to make the kind of goals he is trying to achieve in Ukraine, from a military perspective – he strikes out again and threatens the West and everyone others and makes himself healthy as if he is the victim here. Russia is the aggressor, and it is completely irresponsible for a modern nuclear power itself to raise the ghost for the use of nuclear weapons while engaging in a hot act of war inside Ukraine – a war he started, an election war – [he] had diplomatic options on the table and refused to explore them.


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