Comedian who joked about child abuse is now a convicted pedophile

Eamon Goodfellow

The comedian also worked for Camelot, who suspended him when his convictions came to light (Photo: National Crime Agency)

A cartoon that joked with pedophilia has been convicted of paying for and directing sexual abuse of children.

Eamon Goodfellow, 50, used chat rooms to find children under the age of 13 through fixers in Romania and the Philippines.

A series of chat logs described detailed conversations in which he discussed child abuse with facilitators, and instructed them to perform specific actions on the victims over live-stream.

The Northern Irishman, who lived in Hertfordshire, turned out to have sent payments to carry out the abuse.

Goodfellow was arrested by the National Crime Agency on June 14, 2018, and all his electronic devices were seized for analysis – yet he continued to joke about pedophilia, incest and pornography.

Clips posted online show him coming up with quarrels that a young comedian is too ugly for ‘child abusive Moorish killers’ Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

Other footage captures a joke that Guldlok is on the train toilet with one of the three bears, as well as Prince Andrew’s internet story.

He also appeared in a Zoom comedy show alongside other comics when they broke up about pedophilia.

Goodfellow had joked with another cartoon was too ugly for child abusers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley (Photo: Bettmann Archive)

Martin Ludlow of the National Crime Agency said: ‘Goodfellow made it very clear that he has a sexual interest in young children in these chatlogs.

‘He tried to provide for the most horrific abuse of vulnerable children thousands of miles away from him to his own satisfaction.

‘He was helped by facilitators whose motive is to make money. This type of financially driven offense is a major threat to Britain. ‘

Goodfellow was found guilty in two counts of attempting to cause sexual exploitation of a child under 13 at St Albans Crown Court following a six-day trial on April 12.

He will be tried in the same court on May 31.

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Goodfellow was a regular on the comedy circuit in the UK, bringing his shows ‘Humor Trafficking’ and ‘For He’s a Jolly Goodfellow’ to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

He was second in the prestigious 2019 New Act of the Year with a routine that included a joke about a sex act.

The comedian also worked for the national lottery company Camelot, which said it quickly suspended him when it was told of his convictions.

A spokesman said: ‘We were unaware of the charges until sentencing this month. We immediately suspended the employee and the case is subject to Camelot’s internal disciplinary process.

‘We are aware of our employment law obligations and will pursue the strongest possible action.’

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