Collar The Hunter Set Photos Show Aaron Taylor-Johnson Necklace

Sony’s web-centric corner of Marvel’s film landscape continues in a hurry The Collar Hunter. Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson is based on another longtime member of Spider-Man’s junk gallery, and slips into the role of the mad hunter.

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New images from the film’s British production have revealed that although Johson may mentally encapsulate the role of The Collar, he will not be wearing the character’s traditional animal-like costume. In fact, the only reason these images could be identified as The Collar, because of the character’s signature necklace, is a single tooth wrapped around the actor’s neck, and the “barefoot” footage he takes on.

While this is a big shake-up for the character, it’s not surprising given what Sony has served before. Tom Hardy’s Married was a major departure from the character’s strengths like Spider-Man’s shadow, which went so far as to remove the webhead from his origins. Meanwhile, it recently released Mobius did not require Jared Leto to dress in anything but a pair of smart suits, far from the white-skinned daywalker that Marvel fans know all too well.

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The Hunter The Collar is set for release sometime next year, and it is only then that Marvel fans will get all the details of this anti-hero version of the Russian noble. It’s also likely that they’ll see Kraven join at least one former Spidey villain, while Sony continues at high speed towards a Sinister Six movie where they’ll probably run head to head with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

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