Cocoa is reluctant to give in to Lee Soo Man’s demands in connection with the SM acquisition

Article: Lee Soo Man’s impractical requests ‘Vice President’? Cocoa with loss with SM acquisitions

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

1. [+3,562, -9] He basically offers to sell the house, but still demands to live there

2. [+909, -22] There is nothing sadder than being greedy in old age

3. [+858, -13] So he wants to be paid the highest dollar to go over this business, but will still retain the management rights? It is the same as selling a house, getting paid for it and demanding to still live there.

4. [+784, -12] I understand that he was the reason for a large part of the success behind SM in the beginning, but he has not had a vision for the company ever since. He is too focused on Chinese investment. It’s time for him to step down and leave the reins to a new one.

5. [+440, -14] I think he has become senile

6. [+128, -1] It sounds like he does not want to sell. Everyone should take their hands off the deal.

7. [+110, -1] This funny guy, he basically wants both the money and the company in the end … He basically exploits SM’s uncertain future to keep his management rights while still earning on the trade ㅋ

8. [+79, -1] Lee Soo Man must resign. Ever since he fell hard for the ‘China Dream’, he has been seen as a strange figure for how many times he has allowed Chinese members to hit him in the back over and over again. BTS and Black Pink have shown us that you can become a world star without the need for Chinese members, and yet he is still obsessed with Chinese members …

9. [+76, -1] Cocoa will be seen as a makjang company if they comply with Lee Soo Man’s requests and acquire SM. Such a useless acquisition will be reflected in stock prices.

10. [+71, -3] Seeing him behave like that makes you realize how bottomless his character is

11. [+66, -1] Cocoa … CJ … just take your hands off the deal. Cut your ribbon here, it seems to be the only solution.

12. [+55, -2] What is he, a thief? It should end up with him selling his shares. If he so wants to stay in the company, then get a new job as a director. What a sad way to age.

13. [+37, -1] The old and greedy never know when to stop

14. [+26, -1] He must either stay as the owner if he wants to keep his rights or make a clean exit … no one is stupid enough to bow to his demands. He’s way too greedy …

15. [+17, -1] SM is the threat from the entertainment industry ㅜㅜ

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