CNN’s “Hakayata” platform in Arabic presents its second training for female journalists and content creators on podcasting

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – In collaboration with the Arab Science Journalism Network, the “Hakayata” platform presented its second training this year, which focused on the podcast industry and targeted female journalists and content producers from various Arab countries.

Samia Ayesh, a journalist and educator in the field of digital media, provided the training with a focus on the types of audio content, the method of writing text, recording, editing and then publishing.

About 40 women journalists from various Arab countries attended the training, and the session began with short words from CNN’s Vice President of Arab Services and Caroline Faraj, Editor-in-Chief of CNN’s Arabic website, followed by a speech by Ahmed Al-Shamiri, President of the Arab Network for scientific journalism.

The training started with a discussion about the importance of podcasts and the need for audio content in news work and journalistic content in general, followed by an explanation of the podcast production stages from idea, research, text, recording, editing and then publishing. .

The discussion included several questions from female journalists about the most important tools and tips to take when launching a podcast, and the importance of having a strong and healthy idea, which is the foundation, and all that is tired of that, is no more. than techniques, were highlighted.

After completing the training, female journalists will have the opportunity to submit suggestions to CNN Arabic to write an idea or topic to be published later on the page.

The “Her Story” project provides monthly training to Arab women’s initiatives to support and develop their skills at various levels.

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