Charlie Cox explains why Daredevil is so special after the Disney + takeover

Over the past few weeks, Disney + subscribers have had the opportunity to re-watch the six Netflix shows that make up Marvels Defenders series, which ran from 2015 to 2019. Although it has come with some hiccups, the show’s recording on Disney + has been a huge boost for the streaming service. Leading the way is Charlie Cox, the frontman of Marvel’s first Netflix series, vovehals.

Cox’s performance received rave reviews in all three seasons vovehals and in The defenders, making it an easy choice to make his version of Matt Murdock the one that lives on in the canon MCU. He even made his big debut in the movies at the end of last year by repeating the role in Spider-Man: No Way Homethat sends fans crazy with only 70 seconds of screen time.


Now that his first effort in vovehals has a new home at Disney, Cox has openly talked about his positive experiences with making the show and what his future with the character brings. Now, as part of Disney +’s promotional tour, the man behind The Man Without Fear has once again contributed to that campaign.

Cox shares how Daredevil is special

Daredevil Marvel Studios

Reddit user u / inactionstations revealed a new Disney + ad featuring Charlie Cox, who played Matt Murdock in Marvel’s vovehals. Cox shares his thoughts on what makes the character so special in this 67-second ad, while explaining the basics of who Matt Murdock is in Marvel-lore:

“Hi, my name is Charlie Cox. I play Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, in Marvel’s Daredevil at Disney +. Marvel’s Daredevil is a crime story that tells the story of a blind lawyer by day, a superhero by night who tries to help people, who uses both. the law and vigilance, and yet he struggles with morality in his actions. “

For Cox, the character shows how “Small everyday acts of kindness or help can make a big difference” both in TV stories and in the real world. What makes Daredevil so special to Cox is how he “must fight and sacrifice a lot” to make the impact he wants to make and he sees it as something viewers can relate to with real world decision making:


“To me, Daredevil represents the idea that sometimes small, daily acts of kindness or help can make big differences and cause big changes over time. People love superheroes, and what makes Daredevil special is that this character has to fight and sacrifice a lot to be effective, and I think viewers relate to how difficult it can sometimes be to make the right decisions in life. “

Cox shared his gratitude for the opportunity to play Matt Murdock, especially since Matt is someone who is so significant to people “who may have struggled in their lives.” To get to play the role in all three seasons of his own program and in the eight episodes Defenders team-up series, Cox called it “a great honor” to stay with the character for as long as:

“I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to play a character who means so much to people who may have struggled in their lives in some way, or felt held back by something in their lives, and to could do it in three seasons and in The Defenders it was a great honor to have the opportunity to do that for so long.

You can watch Marvel’s Daredevil now streaming on Disney +. “

The entire video can be seen below:


Daredevil’s Impact on MCU’s Charlie Cox

Charlie Cox has been a part of almost every piece of promotional material in Disney +’s arsenal to help bring Daredevil and the other shows back to the forefront for Marvel fans. He has interacted with stars from other shows like Jessica Jones‘Krysten Ritter og Agents from SHIELD‘s Ming-Na Wen, who does his part to bring fans over to Disney + to revisit these past stories.

This gives a good look inside Cox’s reflection on the experience, where he revealed how much the character means to him through his years on Netflix. Seeing Matt Murdock as such a related character only makes him so much more favorable to fans, especially with how much passion Cox has shown in the role over the last seven years.

Now the big unsolved mystery is where and when Cox will return in a major role as Daredevil in Canon MCU. Rumor has it that he appears in Tatiana Maslany’s Hun-Hulk while other reports have suggested a role in Echo; no matter what, he will be someone to keep a watchful eye on when the MCU expands.


All three seasons of vovehals streams on Disney + as they are The defenders. Spider-Man: No Way Home can also be purchased via Blu-ray and digital platforms.


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