Chancellor Rishi Sunak sprays £ 13,000 a year on pool heating

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and work at his North Yorkshire mansion (Photo: PA; Getty; Mirrorpix)

Chancellor has estimated £ 200 million for his name (Photo: PA; Getty; Mirrorpix)

Tax increase chancellor Rishi Sunak will spray as much as £ 13,000 on heating his brand new swimming pool, it was reported.

As part of his luxury lifestyle, the Tory MP is building a pool, tennis courts and a gym on his £ 1.5 million Grade II mansion in his North Yorkshire constituency.

April’s rise in energy costs this month means his bill for heating is also rising by around £ 3,500 a year.

In response to the revelation, Labor MP Rachel Maskell told the Mirror: ‘Could a Tory chancellor be more out of touch if they tried?

“He may have now given up his American green card, but for the most part, Rishi Sunak lives on another planet.”

Some of Mr. Sunak’s voters in Richmond also labeled the size of the bill as “disgusting.”

A grocer in the market town called for his smart swimming pool to be ‘filled up with mud’.

Work begins on a swimming pool, gym and tennis court in the Rishi Sunak constituency home in North Yorkshire (Photo: Mirrorpix)

Work begins on a swimming pool, gym and tennis court at his North Yorkshire constituency (Photo: Mirrorpix)

Family home of Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, near North Allerton, Yorkshire (Photo: PA)

Sir. Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy bought the mansion in 2015 (Photo: PA)

Retired store employee Pauline Porter also said: ‘It’s disgusting, especially in these times. They have no idea how normal people live. They just do not care. “

According to British Gas, the average energy bill for a three-bedroom house below the new price cap is £ 1,970.57 per year.

That means the politician can afford to pay six times more just to heat his pool.

With an estimated £ 200 million in his name, Mr Sunak is unlikely to notice the difference.

But the same cannot be said of the 1.3 million Britons who will have to sink even deeper into poverty and debt next year in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis.

Waitress Ashley Blakey, 35, a single mother of two living in Darlington – where the Treasury Department will move some of its offices this spring – also criticized the MP.

Rishi Sunak with his wife Akshata Murthy (Photo: PA)

The couple owns properties in London, Yorkshire and California (Photo: PA)

She told the Sunday People: ‘It really annoys me that he has a disposable income of £ 13,000 just to heat his swimming pool when there are single parents, pensioners and working families freezing for next winter.

‘It’s not on. He has so much to say about everyone’s lives, but I bet he’s never been in that position himself. ‘

Further controversy over the former banker’s expenses also comes amid recent disputes over his family’s tax affairs.

Two weeks ago, it was revealed that his wife, fashion designer Akshanta Murty, was potentially saving ‘tens of millions of pounds’ thanks to her non-domicile tax status.

Both also faced backlash to keep their US green cards after returning to the UK.

Sir. Sunak and Mrs Murty bought their fenced mansion near Northallerton in 2015 and have since received building permits for a number of improvements such as a 12-meter by five-meter swimming pool and four showers.

Together they own properties in London, Yorkshire and California. has contacted Mr Sunak for a comment.

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