Cats and dogs in a superhero movie together – mass hysteria! [CinemaCon 2022]

Dwayne Johnson, who stars as Superman’s beloved labrador retriever Krypto the Superdog, opened the presentation by saying that the film has a “huge cast” and “optically it is a beautiful film.” The central conceit is to look at the life of the pets in the Justice League, and based on the footage shown, the film seems to share a similar vibe as “The Secret Life of Pets” combined with the sensitivity of DC Comics’ incredible reputation for animated creativity. Johnson said the film also leans on “the chemistry between [himself] and Kevin Hart, “and that” the unique dynamic is shown throughout the film. “If you have not heard, Hart will play Bat Ace, the lovable bitch you guessed right, Aquaman! Just for fun, it’s Batman’s dog. Of course.

Footage was shown of Krypto grabbing Lois Lane at the ankle and slinging her into the sea, clearly jealous because his owner Clark Kent was going out with her on a date and Krypto did not want to be alone. Bat-dog Ace admits that he licks himself all the time, which would sound strange from a character who is it not a dog, but works really well here. We also see footage of a little cat creature flashing kryptonite in Superman’s face, because of course, if we’re going to have a movie with a dog hero, the obvious villain will be a cat, probably Isis (Natasha Lyonne), Catwoman’s pet cat and a real villain. . At one point, we see a shot of a pig named PB (Vanessa Bayer), who could become huge, and Diego Luna’s Chip, a squirrel that gets electric power and later becomes Green Lantern’s pet.

“DC League Of Super-Pets” will hit theaters on July 29, 2022.

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