Catherine Zeta-Jones loves Princess Kate

Catherine Zeta-Jones confirmed this week that she is the new Princess of Wales’ biggest fan.

On Wednesday, the actress – who was born in Swansea, Wales – shared a photo on her Instagram account Princess Kate visiting the country for the first time since receiving her new title following the death of Queen Elizabeth. In the snapshot, the royal hugs a 2-year-old girl named Charlotte dressed in a traditional Welsh costume and is the daughter of Pastor Steven Buntingthe man who hosted Kate and Prince William during their visit to St. Thomas Church in Swansea on Tuesday. Zeta-Jones captioned the photo: “I love our Princess of Wales❤️ I love our Welsh national costume❤️.”

This post in support of the Princess of Wales will also follow shortly Chicago Star expressed her grief over the monarch’s death earlier this month. She posted a handful of black and white photos of the young queen and wrote: “Dearest HRH Queen Elizabeth, you have been and will always be close to my humble heart as it breaks today. Our nation salutes you. Thank you. God bless the Queen. Long live the King.” She added in another post: “May you rest in peace ma’am.”

Zeta-Jones has long expressed her patriotism for her home country and returned in 2019 with her husband Michael Douglas and son Dylan to attend Swansea’s 50th birthday celebrations and receive the Freedom of the City of Swansea, the highest honor a place can bestow on an individual. As part of the celebrations, she also hosted an evening of entertainment at Brangwyn Hall featuring stories from her early life in the city and her Hollywood career, as well as a four-course meal, live entertainment and an auction in aid of Swansea charities. “What I miss about Swansea is the immediacy of my family and being like ‘this is where we used to do this’,” the actor shared. Wales online back then. “It’s so beautiful to see Swansea with the weather like this. I went for a walk near my parents’ house yesterday. I miss enjoying the beauty of Swansea and the familiarity of bumping into childhood friends.” She added: “I am very honored and humbled and very happy to share it with my family here in Wales, as well as my friends and mentors over the years. Zeta-Jones has also previously been honored by the Royal Family for her contribution to the film industry and her charity work, being made a Commander of the British Empire in 2011.

On Tuesday, the Prince and Princess of Wales visited St. Thomas Church, where they met with Swansea residents, helped out at the local food bank and packed baby supplies. Prince William also revealed to Reverend Bunting that he has been brushing up on his Welsh in honor of his new role. Reverend Bunting told that People that he had a chat with William during which: “He talked about learning Welsh and shared some Welsh phrases he was trying to do.” He also revealed that the prince is currently working on the phrases “paned”, which means a cup, and “bara brith”, which is a traditional Welsh tea bread.

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