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Casey White: What we know about the Alabama prisoner who fled with a detective

Casey White, 38, was seen on surveillance camera in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs being led into a patrol car by Vicky White, 56, a correctional officer. She had told her bosses and colleagues that she would take him to court for a mental health evaluation, but authorities quickly discovered that no evaluation or hearing was scheduled that day.

Casey White was returned to Alabama on Tuesday night to attend a lawsuit in which he was charged with fleeing in the first place, in addition to charges of capital murder he is already facing. He was then transferred to the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Alabama, just over 100 miles south of Lauderdale County.

In the days after the escape, officials learned that Casey White and Vicky White, who are not related, had formed a “special relationship”. Here’s what we know about Casey White’s story of violence, his previous escape attempts, and his physical size.

A murder defendant is already serving a 75-year sentence

White’s criminal history goes back a decade. Legal documents claimed he hit his brother in the face and head with an ax-sledgehammer shaft, which put him in jail in 2012 for more than three years.

So in 2015, he carried out a criminal attack, including an invasion of the home, carjacking and a police chase, according to the Marshals Service. In March 2016, he was indicted for 15 counts and was eventually convicted of seven of those counts, including attempted murder and robbery, according to Alabama records. He had served a 75-year prison sentence for these charges.

According to the Marshals Service, White allegedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and her sister in 2015 if he got out of jail and said he wanted the police to kill him. The agency said it had informed his “potential targets” of the threat after his escape and had taken protective measures.

Videos provide new details about Vicky White's planning of the inmate's escape to Alabama, sheriff says

Josh Goan was one of the victims in the 2015 case. He said White broke into his truck, stole his firearm and then used the firearm to chop up his neighbor and the neighbor’s infant. Goan was a witness in the trial and told CNN that it was a surreal experience to see how little remorse White had.

“I was very pleased that they gave him enough time that when he – if he ever – comes out he would not be able to do anything. I took security in that and have certainly lost a little bit. peace (since the escape), he said before the couple’s capture.

White’s escape, Goan said, was “a terrible thing for society.”

White served his 75-year sentence at the William E. Donaldson Correction Facility in Jefferson County.

But in 2020, he allegedly confessed to the 59-year-old Connie Ridgeway’s stabbing in 2015 and was charged with two counts of head murder. He pleaded not guilty due to insanity and was taken to Lauderdale County Jail to attend court hearings in the case, authorities said.

There he came in contact with Vicky White, who worked as assistant director of corrections for Lauderdale County.

He was brought back to the Lauderdale Detention Center on Feb. 25, Sheriff Rick Singleton said.

A trusted prisoner who had tried to escape before

This was not White’s first attempt to escape, nor was it the first time he had gained the confidence of the probation service.

In 2020, while White was being held at Lauderdale County Detention Center, authorities learned he was planning to escape from prison and take a hostage, Singleton said.

“We shook him down and we found a shaft in his possession – a shaft is a prison knife – and we picked it up. We immediately got him sent back to the Prison Service,” Singleton said.

A lawyer representing White through 2020 told CNN-affiliated WAFF that the latest escape attempt in itself was not a surprise.
Before fleeing with his prison guard, the Alabama refugee was accused of killing a sweet, patriotic mother who never forgot birthdays

“I was not shocked, Casey escaped,” said attorney Dale Bryant. “I was shocked who he fled with. I had never heard of her before. But this was not the first escape attempt Casey had attempted while in Lauderdale County, where he had been charged.”

Prior to the current escape, Casey White and Vicky White had developed a “special relationship” that included extra food, Singleton said.

“We were told that Casey White was given special privileges and was treated differently while they were at the facility than the other inmates,” he said.

Similarly, Casey White had previously gained the trust of Limestone County Sheriff’s officials.

“When he was in Limestone County after a little while, he had earned the trust of the sheriff’s department at the time, and they allowed him to be a trustee in prison,” Bryant told WAFF. CNN has contacted the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office for more information on their trustee program.

An impressive man with White supremacist tattoos

Casey White's tattoos include Nazi references and a Confederate flag.
White stands at an impressive 6-foot-9 and weighs about 330 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes, the U.S. Marshals Service said.
The agency released photos of his tattoos, some of which are affiliated with the Alabama-based White supremacist prison gang Southern Brotherhood. A tattoo on his back shows a Confederate flag with the words “Southern Pride”, and a tattoo on his chest shows a shield adorned with the letters “SB”, a Nazi swastika and the letters “SS” in lightning style. the infamous Nazi paramilitary group.

Bryant, the lawyer, told WAFF White’s size made him stand out.

“I’m 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, and he makes me feel small,” he said.

The Alabama hunt is over, but these unanswered questions remain

He also noted that White has a mental illness and has abused drugs. Still, he said White was a “decent person” when taking medication in a supervised environment, saying he can even be friendly at times.

“(He is) one of the few clients I had who never held back and tried to lie to me about anything,” he said. “He just put it on the table.”

Sheriff Singleton said before White’s capture that he could be particularly dangerous if he did not take his medication.

“Casey White is a dangerous man. He is supposed to be on medication. Whether he is taking them or not, we do not know. He did not leave prison with anyone,” he said. “When he drops his medication, he can be extremely dangerous.”

CNN’s Nadia Romero, Jaide Timm-Garcia and Michelle Watson contributed to this report.

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