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Cardi B29, showed her appreciation of her husband Offset, 30, on Father’s Day, and it was so sweet! The rapper who shares daughter Culture3 and nine month old son Wave with Migos member, surprised him with a big and delicious breakfast in bed, in a new video she posted on her Instagram story on June 19th. It included several kinds of breakfast food, including bacon, eggs, potatoes and more.

“Happy Father’s Day,” Cardi could be heard happily telling her smiling husband in the clip. He was only wearing red shorts and seemed surprised and grateful for the food when his wife handed it to him on a tray while he was sitting in bed. Four of his five children, who also count Jordan12, Riddle7 and Kody7, from previous relationships, was included Bodak Gul the creator while the thrill surrounded the bed to give him breakfast on that special day.

The breakfast was not the only surprise. Cardi also showed his appreciation for Offset by putting up a host of balloons, including some that stood for Happy Father’s Day, and putting out several gifts from his children in the area below their house. She also shared a video of him walking down the stairs to the screen, and he was so floorless that he even replied, “You treat me like a king!” His children handed him their gifts and cards, and he smiled as he read them aloud before thanking and hugging them.

Cardi’s surprise for Offset comes after she made headlines for posting an adorable video of Offset dancing with her youngest son, Wave. The happy father had him in his arms as he quickly kicked his feet and the proud mother encouraged him to continue by cheering on him. The duo matched in white tops and it was a true bonding moment that Cardis fans absolutely loved.

When Offset does not get praise for his sweet relationship with Wave, he does it for it with Culture. The little girl gave her dad a loving kiss on the cheek before her first day of school, in a cute photo he shared on his page on social media back in September. She was holding her Disney princess backpack as the rapper bent down with an umbrella over. their heads during the rainy day and it really showed the love he has for his mini me.

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