Canada politician asks Musk to restore Twitter account for banned lawmaker charged with Freedom Convoy protest

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A Canadian politician urged Tesla CEO Elon Musk not to forget to restore the Twitter account for the sake of free speech for a lawmaker who was ousted from the platform during the so-called “Freedom Convoy” and later charged with criminal charges in connection with his support. February protest in Ottawa.

“Hey @elonmusk, please also restore Randy Hillier’s account,” tweeted Ontario party leader Derek Sloan, who is running for the Ontario premiere on Monday, in response to the news of Musk’s deal to buy Twitter for $ 44 billion.

Randy Hillier, who serves as a member of the provincial parliament for the Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, was arrested and charged on March 28 for nine new counts that Ottawa police say stem from complaints about the politician’s posts on social media and other Freedom Convoy activities. the protest.


The charges related to misconduct, obstruction and an alleged assault on a police officer.

Hillier has denied ever assaulting a police officer, and while turning into police headquarters he said he only greeted people on Parliament Hill with “smiles and handshakes” while handing out breakfast to truck drivers and others protesting against vaccine mandates and other COVID -19-related restrictions.

CTV News reported that prosecutors said the allegations of assault stemmed from an incident in which Hillier, along with People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, went to the west gate of Parliament Hill, used his shoulder and hip to push an officer out of the road and encounter. a gate is opened while urging the crowds on.

“His encouragement of others to take part in the occupation of downtown Ottawa, and his participation in the same protest, had the effect of endangering the people of the city of Ottawa,” prosecutor Tim Wightman told the court earlier during Hillier’s first appearance.

One waving a Canadian flag on the 20th day of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa

One waving a Canadian flag on the 20th day of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa
(Fox News Digital / Lisa Bennatan)

Hillier was released the same day after his $ 35,000 bail arrest on the condition that he be barred from visiting downtown Ottawa except to meet with his attorney. He was also ordered to refrain from writing on social media about the “Freedom Convoy”, COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates and from participating in or supporting any future organizations or protests related to the topics.

His defense attorney, David Anber, told Fox News Digital that the next hearing in the case is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Anber said he plans to appeal the bail judge’s decision, which “excessively limits Mr. Hillier’s ability to talk about or support, anti-mandate reasons on social media or otherwise.” He also plans to ask for the removal of a condition that bans Hillier from visiting downtown Ottawa.


Hillier was suspended from Twitter on March 8 for violating the platform’s COVID-19 vaccine misinformation policy. The ban came after the Ontario legislature had already unanimously passed a motion preventing Hillier from attending the House for what House Speaker Paul Calandra described as “racist and discriminatory” comments against Federal Transport Secretary Omar Alghabra and for social media posts. as Calandra allegedly suggested by call. for violence.

One week before the suspension, Hillier announced in a video message that he would not seek re-election to the member of the provincial parliament he has held since 2007, ending his 15-year term.

Also on Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new commission tasked with investigating the “evolution” of the Freedom Convoy and his historic use of emergency powers that gave the federal government the power to quell protesters and freeze their supporters’ bank accounts.

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