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Can turning off appliances really save money on your energy bill?

A hand that presses a silver on / off button on a speaker

Experts say you can save money by dropping standby – but how much? (Image: Getty)

Given the current the cost of living crisis, it is no wonder that people are seeking to save on their household bills.

It includes getting a little more forensic around our energy bills and dropping bad habits that use unnecessary energy.

Such a habit? Leave some appliances, such as TVs, game consoles and more, on standby – so that their power consumption can increase even when not in use.

But can you actually save significantly by turning off the plug instead? talked to the experts.

Can turning off appliances save money on your energy bill?

Natalia Lachim says yes, you can cut down on your energy bills by turning off devices when not needed.

High-angle image of a young woman plugging a cell phone charger into her home electrical outlet

Avoid keeping plugs on when not needed if you are hoping to save on energy costs (Image: Getty)

How? Natalie, from Discount code, explained to ‘If you leave a device connected and switched on, even if you are not actively using the product, it will drain electricity.

‘This is because electricity will be able to flow through the unit and thus increase your energy consumption and unfortunately your energy bills.’

Joanna O’Loan, Knowledge Manager and Energy Saving Trust, agrees.

‘You can save about £ 55 a year just by turning appliances around in your home from standby, ‘she said

‘Most electrical appliances can be switched off at the socket without affecting their programming. A standby saver or smart connector allows you to turn off all your devices from standby at once. ‘

Man uses a hair dryer

Hairdryers should also be turned off at the plug when used (Image: Getty)

Of course, to achieve that kind of savings, you really have to commit to turning off the plug every time.

And do it too each device or device on standby.

Martyn Bridges, director of technical services at the boiler company Worcester Bosch, says that switching off appliances is often the ‘easiest way’ to achieve an overall saving.

He told ‘You can save yourself by simply turning off your laptop when you’re done using it, unplugging your hair dryer and turning off your TV from the electrical outlet up to £ 25 a year.

“To save even more, keep in mind that tablets use 70% less power than laptops.”

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Bridges also recommends the usual culprits if you want to save as much on your energy bills as possible, including air drying your clothes – as dropping the dryer ‘can save you up to £ 60 a year on electricity’.

He adds: ‘Less frequent washing machines and dishwashers will not only help the environment by saving water, but will also help you cut back on your household bills.’

Want to learn more? There are many practical (and simple) tips to cut down on your energy costs.

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