Bullies with hammer and machete ‘attack man in Elephant and Castle in broad daylight’ as horrified members of public surveillance

Horrified members of the public watched as a man was allegedly attacked by thugs swinging with a hammer and a machete outside a London Underground station. The incident, which is believed to be an attempted motorcycle theft, took place around 1 p.m. 18.20 Saturday (April 23) outside the Elephant and Castle underground station.

Spectators captured the scene on video when a man with a helmet was seen running with a machete. Witnesses said the man on foot had wrestled it by two men on a moped, which attacked him.

The two men on the moped, one of whom held a hammer, then pursued the man who was on foot. He managed to avoid them by standing on the sidewalk and then running before they also fled the scene, the video suggests.

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A moped rider appeared to have been knocked off in Elephant and Castle and was seen holding a machete as a couple on another moped approached with a hammer
A motorcyclist appeared to have been knocked off and was seen holding a machete as a couple on another moped approached with a hammer

Witnesses said a brave man got out of his car to help the man who was attacked. In another video, he can be seen removing a weapon from the scene.

Police moved to the scene, but those involved had already fled on mopeds. The Met said a machete was found from the scene. There were no reports of injuries and an investigation is underway.

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A woman in her late 30s visiting Gloucestershire told MailOnline: “I went back to Elephant and Castle and something did not feel right. There was a bicycle on the floor and another was turning the wrong way I was walking with my aunt and I said ‘that man has a knife’, I could see the long leaf … I just thought I was going to see someone die. I live in the country … it was one of The worst things I’ve ever seen. I’m just going back to the country. “

Anyone with information on what happened, please call Met Police on 101 with reference to 5535 / 23APR.

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