BTS Jungkook’s work ethic as he prepares for the GRAMMYs in 2022 shows his true personality

It may have been almost a month ago 2022 GRAMMYs, but it seems that people still can not stop talking about it. In particular, no one can get over the fact that despite not having won an award, BTS literally stole the show and won the hearts of fans and celebrities worldwide.

Members of BTS | 49. GRAMMY

In addition to their amazing fashion and undeniable charisma, the members put on a show as they performed their hit track “Butter”. Despite all the difficulties and setbacks, the show was like something out of a movie and certainly caught the attention of everyone who watched.

| Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / YouTube

| Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / YouTube

In a recent article on Weverse, those who worked closely with the group on the show shared their experiences working with the members, the additions and creativity the group had, and more. It also seemed like they could not stop praising the members, especially the youngest member Jungkook.

Prior to the performance, Jungkook tested positive for COVID-19. Despite all that and the lack of rehearsal time, the idol shone and put so much work and effort into creating a beautiful performance.

BTS’s Jungkook | @ bts_twt / Twitter

Of course, Jungkook apparently killed on the red carpet and got attention for his effortless images and charisma.

| @ jksdgie / Twitter

It is a known fact that the performance was spectacular, but it is also known how close to the thread it was for the members and their preparation. The article explained how late it was when the members finally got to train together.

Despite this, senior creative director Son Sung Deuk explained that the arrival of Jungkook and J-Hope made everything work together.

In fact, it is not their individual abilities that are important, but the harmony between all the members, so I was really surprised at the synergy they displayed when I saw them when they were all together again.

– Son Sung Deuk

| Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / YouTube

Although Jungkook came to practice just after completing his quarantine and recovering from COVID-19, the hard work of the group’s youngest member was not underestimated.

The article explained that while most people may take it easy after getting the virus, it was not the case for Jungkook, who “worked constantly on his steps and wagon wheels. “

| Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / YouTube

One moment that particularly stood out to the crowds was the moment Jungkook came down from a wire, and while it seemed scary, the youngest member of the group seemed natural.

| Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / YouTube

| Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / YouTube

According to those working with BTS on the show, the stunt was only made possible because the group relied on each other’s abilities. In particular, Hi Jung Jae from Concert production study explained that Jungkook’s experience and personality made the moment so effective.

(Jungkook) already had experience on a wire while touring during their stadium concerts. He did not find it frightening, and actually thought it was funny.

– Ha Jung Jae

| jungkook / 97 / Instagram

It shows once again that even though Jungkook is seen as naturally gifted, the idol puts in a lot of hard work to ensure that everything he does is of a perfect standard. Given how much effort each of the members has put into the performance, it is not surprising that it was such an epic evening.

You can read more about Jungkook’s epic showcase at 2022 GRAMMYs below.

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