BTS Jimins ‘Nine One Hannam’ office phone seized due to negligent insurance premiums + foreclosure notice leaked

Article: Big Hit page, “BTS Jimin’s insurance premium arrears were due to corporate negligence → Full payment, sorry I’ve been a cause for concern”

Source: Newsen

BTS Jimin‘s officetel reportedly reached foreclosure.

According to an exclusive report by We are KoreaYongsan branch of National Health Service seized Jimins’Ni En Hannam‘officetel on 25 January.

In a leaked certified copy of the registration, the word ‘shielded’ is written and ‘National Health Insurance Corporation’ is named as the rights holder. The seizure registration was canceled 3 months later on the 22nd after Jimin paid his health insurance premiums in full.

During the seizure period, National Health Insurance had sent seizure notices to Jimin’s residence four times due to multiple defaulted premiums.

The 24th. Big hit officially clarified reports and told Newsen, “The company first received the mail in the artists’ dormitories, and in the process of delivering it to the artist, an error occurred in some emails. Jimin was unaware of the overdue payments due to overseas schedules, long vacations and subsequent overseas schedules since “The end of last year. Jimin has since repaid the debts in full. We apologize for causing concern to our artist and fans due to our negligence.”

Jimin bought his 89 pyeong ‘Ni En Hannam‘officetel in May last year for 5.9 billion won in cash.

  1. [+2,457, -286] The only legal issue is the fact that antis stole Jimin’s mail and leaked it online. It was clearly stated that only the accused can open it. Does it make sense that certified mail was stolen and opened by someone other than the person it signed up for and leaked? Why does it not say anything about it in the article? I did a quick search and our postal laws clearly state that this is a crime punishable by 3 years in prison or a fine of 30 million won.
  2. [+1,422, -65] Probably because health insurance premiums keep rising above 3% year after year.
  3. [+836, -141] So they sent the seizure message not once, but 4 times? And he missed all 4 …? Does it make sense? I’m sure they were trying to send the message by other means than just by mail? Especially if it reached a point where they had to seize a BTS member’s house?
  4. [+458, -63] HYBE never do their job right .. sigh
  5. [+253, -83] Make sure they are not exempted from the military!
  6. [+210, -66] Ah, that’s pretty disappointing. And why is the agency taking the fall for this ㅋㅋㅋ Was Jimin not at home in quarantine at the time due to the corona and appendix surgery? How was he not aware that he was behind with his prizes ?! ㅋㅋㅋ Didn’t they just ask for military exemptions because they bring in a lot of money and pay taxes ?! How about paying your tax on time first ㅋㅋㅋ You have not yet fulfilled any of your other duties as a citizen of our country. ㅡ ㅡ
  7. [+183, -50] ?? So only Jimin was unaware that his prizes were overdue due to long vacations and overseas schedules? But how did the other members get their premiums paid on time ???
  8. [+165, -22] He could not even pay his premiums properly, but they talk about giving them military exemptions.
  9. [+54, -3] HYBE is their anti
  10. [+48, -21] All criminals deserve to be arrested and severely punished according to the law.
  11. [+28, -16] He bought officetel with 5.9 billion in cash but did not have money for prizes ??
  12. [+23, -2] Eh ~ so the other members paid their ok? Why is it only Jimin who was in arrears?
  13. [+21, -8] It’s not like this is your typical tax evasion. I doubt anyone would deliberately fall for insurance premiums ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ unless he tries to announce that he has not even won 200,000 in his bank book ㅋㅋㅋ
  14. [+12, -2] But is it really possible not to know that your office was foreclosed? I’m genuinely curious.

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