Britney Spears pulls ex Kevin Federline

Britney Spears decided to pull off her ex, Kevin Federline, who is also the father of her two sons.

“I was evil as hell … it was over me … I think what made people so uncomfortable was the fact that I was incredibly THIEF,” she wrote.

“But pys my ex-husband would not see me when I flew to New York with a baby inside me and Las Vegas when he recorded a video !!!”

Britney claimed she “played it off” by eating pickles and chewing on ice cream. “When the ice hit my tongue, I got a text message saying, ‘If you do not divorce Kevin, he will publicly do it against you.’ end … “

Britney filed for divorce from Kevin on November 7, 2006. The former couple share custody of their teenage sons, with Kevin getting them 70% of the time and Britney getting them for the remaining 30%.

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