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Break out # 1 by Zack Kaplan, Wilton Santos, Jason Wordie and Jim Campbell is available now! See what people are saying:

“‘Break Out’ is poised to be an exciting setback to the era of ‘War Games’, ‘Hackers’ and ‘Red Dawn’, where teenagers were tasked with saving the world in an exciting adventure. Kaplan treats his characters with intelligence while Santos and Wordie bring it all to life, this has got off to a great start, a modern sci-fi story and an impossible rescue mission that promises to be a thrill. “-Lotusland comics

“If you’re looking for a new science fiction that brings a bit of fear, funny robbery and a great deal of mystery, then take Break Out up. It’s a mixture of genuine ominous terror and hope.” –AIPT comics

“Break Out # 1 is a great start to the series that can be enjoyed for its jailbreak story and appreciated for its underlying exploration of our present time. It does what so many great sci-fi stories do, entertain and explore our world. . ” –Graphic policy

“Break Out # 1 is a great introduction that successfully combines science fiction, growing age and a robbery story.” –Large spoilers

“Kaplan makes a brilliantly engaging first number with amazing characters and conflicts. The story has an amazing narrative flow and a compelling premise that does not connect with the reader, but establishes a mystery that I would like to explore.” –Super Powered Fancast

“If you’re tired of the same old sci-fi invasion stories, give Break Out # 1 a try!” – Nerd out

“This is a strong first outing for Break Out and I’m very interested in seeing how it develops from here.” –

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