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Brandon Cuellar found: San Jose baby kidnapped from home is safe, 3 suspects remanded in custody, police confirm

SAN JOSE, California – A 3-month-old baby who was abducted from his home in San Jose was found Tuesday and three suspects were detained, police said.

The child, Brandon Cuellar, was unharmed but was taken to a hospital as a precautionary measure, San Jose Police Department officials said during a news conference.

“This incident is a parent’s worst nightmare. We are fortunate that it resulted in a positive outcome,” San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata said, refusing to release details on where the baby was found or the identities of the three people. who were detained.

The child was taken Monday from his apartment in San Jose by a man who was seen on video walking away with the child in a baby carrier.

Police believe they have apprehended the man in the video, who was one of the three arrested, said San Jose Assistant Police Chief Paul Joseph.

VIDEO: SJPD provides update on 3 month old kidnapped from home

Also detained was a woman who was with the child’s grandmother before the abduction, a spokeswoman for the San Jose police, Sgt. Christian Camarillo told reporters.

“This was someone who was at Grandma’s yesterday when they went shopping, she was present in the apartment complex when it happened,” he said. “There have been some inconsistencies with what she has told us. It’s clear that it makes us aware of what she knows about this.”

Joseph did not provide details about the third suspect. Preliminary investigations showed the abductors had a connection to the family, he said.

“We know there is a connection to the family, but we do not know exactly what that connection is,” Joseph said.

On Monday, police released a video showing the man walking calmly down the sidewalk with the sling covered by a white blanket.

Camarillo told reporters Monday that the kidnapping was reported by the baby’s grandmother.

“According to the grandmother, she came home to this apartment … She took the baby into the apartment, went downstairs to unload some groceries,” Camarillo said. “In that short time, someone came into the apartment … and left with the child.”

Camarillo said the baby’s mother was at work when he was abducted.

“Dad right now is out of the picture. He’s in jail. I do not know, you know if it’s going to play into this, but of course we’ll talk to him soon,” Camarillo said.

The College Park neighborhood on Elm Street stood essentially quiet Monday night after investigators and police left the apartment where 3-month-old Brandon was kidnapped.

This Tuesday morning, neighbors woke up to much-needed good news that young Brandon was found safe and sound.

“As soon as I heard the baby had been found, I just cried,” said neighbor Stephanie.

“We were up all night talking about how it happened, refreshing Twitter, all right?” said neighbor Kassandra Ramirez. “So this morning just turned on the news and that was good news. I shudder when I talk about it. Just relieved and overwhelmed with a lot of emotion and happiness.”

Knowing that it was so easy to abduct the child sent fear into neighbor Stephanie, a neighbor who did not want to be shown on camera.

“When we found out it was a kidnapping of a 3-month-old, I was just, I could not imagine,” Stephanie said. “My heart went into sync, it ran into anxiety. I just could not keep my mind away from it. Went to dinner, still could not keep my mind away from it because there was a baby missing.”

From sadness and fear to excitement and relief when neighbors were overjoyed to hear that the baby is back with his family again.

“Super relieved for the mother, for the family,” said neighbor Leandra Duran, “it’s scary, but also happy that he was found safe and sound in a short time.”

“Welcome home baby Brandon!” said Ramirez.

Baby Brandon is now safe with his family, who told police they wanted their privacy and did not speak at the time.

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