Boris Johnson says he is still a Tory asset despite partygate claims

Boris Johnson says he remains an electoral “asset” for the Tories despite growing calls from his own lawmakers to resign over No. 10 lockdown parties.

That comes as Downing Street on Monday said the prime minister has not received further fixed sanctions for violating Covid laws.

“There is nothing to update on,” the prime minister’s official spokesman said.

This month’s revelation that Mr Johnson had been fined for a 56-year-old birthday party in the cabinet led to new demands from some Tory MPs that he stand aside.

No 10 is said to be prepared for Mr Johnson to face a new fine, amid reports that police have begun issuing fixed fines for a “bring your own booze” party he attended at Downing Street Garden in May 2020.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the final partygate report from senior official Sue Gray, to be released once police have completed their investigations, will be so critical that Mr Johnson’s position will be untenable.

When he campaigned in Bury ahead of the local elections on 5 May, Mr Johnson refused to be drawn on Mrs Gray’s results.

“There are absolutely no circumstances where I will comment on it before the case is over,” he said in an overall clip for broadcasters.

Asked if he was still an asset to the Tories at the election, he said, “I do not deny that.”

He added: “I think the biggest asset the Conservatives have is conservative values ​​and the way conservative city councilors up and down the country deliver taxpayer value.

“That’s what really matters, and I think that’s what people want to focus on. And we’ll fight for every vote right up until election day.

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