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Blue Beetles’ Jeremy Adams explains why the DC Showcase Short included the issue and other Charlton Comics-Era characters

The DC Showcase brand allows lesser-known characters within the DC Comics canon to shine in their own animated short films. Take, for example, Ted Kord, aka the other Blue Beetle (not to be confused with Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle gets his own movie), who originally debuted as a Charlton Comics character in 1966, but was incorporated into the DC universe with the rest of the his Charlton cohorts in the mid-1980s. That Blue Beetle briefly marks Ted Kords’ first time starring in his own animated story, and he is accompanied by The Question, Nightshade, Captain Atom and Doctor Spectro, all of whom also hail from Charlton. Jeremy Adams, who made Blue Beetle‘s story, talked to CinemaBlend about why he decided to turn this short event into a Charlton era event.

Blue Beetle originally linked to Batman: The Long Halloween – Del 2 last year, but now it is being re-released as part of DC Showcase – Constantine: The House of Mystery collection, together with the title extended card, Kamandi: The last boy on earth! and The losers. Along with learning what Jeremy Adams hopes to see off Lightning film (considering that he is currently writing Lightning cartoon), I also asked during the interview why he included the other Charlton characters, as opposed to telling a more independent Blue Beetle history or draws from Ted Cord’s years in Justice League International. Adams replied:

Part of the joy of making these Showcases is to show the audience that there is more than just Superman and Batman out there, and hopefully get them excited about other characters found in the DC universe. Steve Ditko is on Mount Rushmore by comic book creators. He created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, incredible characters, and these characters are obviously worth it because Peacemaker is a giant show now on HBO Max, and he’s a Charlton character. When we have this chance to show people these other characters, our hope is that people will respond to them and want to see more of them. Because I love Batman, I love Superman, but I’m also a comic book fan, and I like to see other characters in other media, and it only works if people get excited about those characters.

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