Blackmailer found hiding in the attic of Wolverhampton’s property confined

A ‘dangerous’ man who was caught by officers hiding in the attic of a Black Country apartment has been locked up. Tye Parker was jailed for his part in an extortion scheme where a woman was kidnapped for three days.

Another victim was taken to a property in Wolverhampton, where police later discovered 23-year-old Parker was hiding. Several knives, cell phones and SIM cards were also uncovered at the property as officers searched it for evidence.

Parker has now been locked up after jurors convicted him of robbery, aggravated burglary and extortion, reports EssexLive. It comes three years after Parker was charged in connection with the incident in Wolverhampton as well as in Essex and Ipswich.

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A jury found Parker from Burr Close, Harwich, Essex, guilty of robbery, aggravated burglary and extortion following his trial at Ipswich Crown Court on 4 March. He was jailed for 15 years last Wednesday (April 20).

Another man, Louie Charles, also stood trial in the same court. The 21-year-old – from Wivenhoe Park, Colchester – was acquitted of extortion, kidnapping and two counts of false imprisonment.

The court heard how a 24-year-old woman was approached in Ipswich and asked to pay a drug debt of £ 10,000 on March 4, 2019. She was driven to Tottenham the next day and held captive in an attic while a colleague of hers was notified on repaying the drug debt.

The woman managed to escape from her kidnappers on March 8 and sounded the alarm with neighbors. A 53-year-old man who was a tenant of the Tottenham house where the woman was held captive was then kidnapped on March 16.

He was taken to a property in Wolverhampton against his will, where police later found him unharmed. Officers also discovered that Parker was hiding in the attic of the property where he was arrested and later charged with robbery, aggravated burglary and extortion.

A search of the house was carried out, where the police found various mobile phones, SIM cards and several knives. The court also heard of an incident in Colchester in which a 23-year-old man driving a white Mercedes car was assaulted after another vehicle drove out in front of him.

Three people got out of the car and attacked him on February 19, 2019. The victim was left on the street after he was robbed of his iPhone, car keys and shoes.

The same three people then drove to the victim’s house in Dagenham. They broke down the victim’s door, where one of the men threatened the occupants of the house with a gun around 01.35 on 20 February.

But when the attackers realized that the police had been called, they fled the scene. Investigating officer Chloe Booty, from Suffolk Police, said: “This case is an excellent example of how serious criminals with links to other areas of the country find it appropriate to commit serious crimes in Suffolk – hopefully this will serve as a lesson to Suffolk. police take these cases seriously and handle them robustly.

“This trial has taken a long time and has been a great work for all involved, including several witnesses and victims who have been brave enough to stand up and support the police in their investigation. I now hope that the victims and witnesses can continue in their investigations. live with peace of mind that a dangerous perpetrator is now facing a period in jail. “

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