Black Pink may return as early as June

Article: According to official reps, Black Pink may have a June comeback

Source: Idol Edition via Instagram

1. [+168] Get ready, K-Pop. BTS and Black Pink are coming back.

2. [+105] Looks like some of you are not familiar with how YG does things here … a supposed June comeback? That usually means late July or August. I think we should be grateful that they do not say next June.

3. [+47] “As early as June” which you can not trust …

4. [+26] Come and set the K-Pop record straight 👏

5. [+21] Ha .. finally … the tears are flowing down my face

6. [+14] Finally the break is broken !!!

7. [+4] Looking forward to Jennie returning as an idol .. ❤️

8. [+1] “As early as June” is probably more like July …

9. [+11] It’s crazy, they’re finally getting a comeback

10. [+6] Please … lol

11. [+2] They better not postpone it again

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