Black cat with big eyes and paws appointed mayor of the American city of Hell for day

A black cat named Jinx was mayor of the Michigan city of Hell for a day

A black cat named Jinx was mayor of Michigan City Hell for a day (Photos: Instagram)

A black cat famous on social media for its big eyes and oversized paws became mayor of an American city called Hell for a day.

Jinx, the cat with more than 736,000 TikTok followers, 402,000 on Instagram and 248,000 on Twitter, got the keys to the small town of Michigan on Sunday.

Her owner, Mia, rescued her in a field behind her home in California in 2018. Mia, who refused to give her last name because of Jinx’s popularity, noted that both Jinx’s eyes and feet got bigger, although her body generally held up to grow.

‘She had big eyes, and as she got bigger, her eyes did not get smaller and I also noticed that she had big feet. She does not have a condition and the vet says she is healthy, Mia told

‘She just has these birth defects. She is also not as agile as most cats and is a bit clumsy. She first learned to land on her feet a year ago. ‘

Mia has been posting pictures of Jinx for the past three years, and Jinx’s followers have grown. On April 8, Mia wrote on social media asking if Jinx could run for mayor somewhere in the United States.

“Is not there a city that has made a dog mayor?” Mia tweeted. ‘Can we make Jinx mayor or somewhere else?’

Residents of Hell, where both humans and animals can become mayor for a day, responded that she could do so with a $ 100 donation to the township.

On Thursday, Mia informed her Twitch supporters that Jinx would be mayor in three days.

“She also wants great murals of her and the obligatory following of her social media,” Mia said.

Jinx’s fans suggested the cat get salami and other treats.

Jinx was the first cat to be Mayor of Hell around 4pm local time.

‘We love our personal and distant mayors,’ said Pastor Vonn of Hell, who was given the task of swearing Jinx to the role of mayor by telephone.

‘Our Mayor’s package is the perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for and / or have everything. They’ll have a helluva fun day, and at the end of it they will receive the dreaded phone call to be sued. ‘

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