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Black bear destroys the inside of Connecticut man’s truck, and is then seen on video in front of the car’s front seat: “Lock your doors”

A man from Connecticut got the surprise of his life after he noticed a light on in his mother – in – law’s car on Friday night.

When Cody Gillotti went to investigate the matter, he discovered that the uninvited guest was not your regular prowler – it was a hungry black bear looking for food. Gillotti posted a short video of the meeting on Facebook, writing, “Lock your doors, a bit of an ordeal tonight.”

Lock your doors, a bit of an ordeal tonight.

Posted by Cody Gillotti on Friday, April 29, 2022

“I knew there was something in it, I just did not know what,” Gillotti told WVIT. “It looked like a teenage child just fainted in his car after a long night of partying, and his mother caught him.”

Bruin had destroyed the inside of Gillotti’s truck and then moved to the front seat of his mother-in-law’s car outside their home in Cornwall.

Gillotti called the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and an officer arrived and caused the bear to flee by opening the car door with a rope and firing a shot from a handgun.

“He filled his 12 gauge with beanbag chairs. I tied a rope to the handle of the car and drove the rope up the hill and started jerking the rope,” Gillotti told WFSB-TV. “It scared the bear big time, and the bear exploded like of energy, and the door slammed shut.”

The bear ran away, but he left a lot of injuries.

“I’m sure the Subaru will be toast. You can not turn off the vehicle without disconnecting the battery. You take out the key, the lights are still on,” he told WFSB-TV. “The interior is completely ruined.”

Black bears are becoming more and more common in Connecticut as the population continues to grow and expand, according to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. In 2019, approximately 7,300 bear sightings from 150 of the state’s 169 cities were reported to the agency’s wildlife department.

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