Blac Chyna’s lawyer is grilling Kim Kardashian at the booth

Kim Kardashian was in a tense face with Blac Chyna’s lawyer on Tuesday when she took a stand in the model’s case against Kardashian-Jenners.

Skims founder was forced to face questioning from plaintiff’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani, regarding text messages she sent to Bunim-Murray producers in the wake of Chyna’s heated battle with ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian in December 2016.

In a message from February 2017, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” album wrote that she needed a break from filming, “until you find out what to do.”

“Chyna will not be on our show. And that actually puts my brother in a bad position because he ends up crying all day and says the only reason she [Chyna] appeared was because she was filming, ”Kim wrote.

When Kim was asked if the message was sent in an attempt to kill a potential second season of E!’S “Rob & Chyna”, Kim insisted that it only referred to her desire to temporarily walk away from the cameras.

“I can not control the content of what they film, but this is our show – why should we film with her?” she asked at the booth. “I really do not know what they were filming [for ‘Rob & Chyna’] in addition to when the match took place. Clearly, something has happened. “

Kim Kardashian poses in silver bras and leggings.
Kardashian claims she never had the power to cancel another season of “Rob & Chyna.”
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The following month, Kim sent a text message telling a producer that Chyna, 33, “can have no false hope that she’s in our show,” before asking, “Is she getting paid?”

According to Kim, she tried to be transparent and set realistic expectations for who would perform on “KUWTK”, insisting that it had nothing to do with Chyna’s show with Rob.

“It’s clear if I ask [Chyna is] to be paid, I do not know if she was paid on our show, “Kim Ciani told from the booth, to which the lawyer pushed back:” You informed the producers, if Chyna was on ‘KUWTK’, you would not film anymore? “

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna leave a restaurant together.
The Kardashians were worried about Rob after his December 2016 match with Chyna.

‘They could film whatever they wanted. “We do not have the power that you have insinuated,” Kim, 41, shot back violently. “I just expressed that I want to take a break from filming to assess how I feel. I do not want to go to work in a toxic environment. I can only control what I can do, which is to take a break.”

When Kim was asked about the noisy fight between her brother and Chyna, Kim remembered that Rob, 35, was “so sorry.”

“I remember I was just trying to support my brother. I remember he was super emotional. It’s all such a blur,” she added.

A courtroom sketch by Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner.
The Kardashian sisters and mother Kris Jenner have been present during the trial.

Mother Kris Jenner has previously shared how “traumatized” she was over Rob and Chyna’s fight while on the pitch last week, noting that the incident took place only weeks after Kim was tied up and robbed in Paris.

Khloé Kardashian, 37, also took a stand on Tuesday and was questioned about an email she wrote to executive producer Jeff Olde, which read: “We are not even considering moving on with our show if theirs continues. We feel so strongly that it is harmful to our family. ”

When Ciani asked Khloe if she had the right to control Chyna’s talent deal, Khloé replied, “We had no control over it.”

“We feel strongly about a lot of things, but that does not mean they will listen to us,” Khloé said of network leaders. “They have already testified that we had no control over it.”

When asked directly if she was trying to get season 2 of “Rob & Chyna” canceled, Khloé said, “I was not trying to cancel anything,” adding that she was considering not filming “KUWTK” because of “such unstable behavior between my brother and Chyna … What I was considering was not to continue with such toxicity. “

Meanwhile, the former president of E! Entertainment, Adam Stotsky, testified that the possibility of season 2 of the “Rob & Chyna” show was not officially taken up, even though there were press releases issued on December 14, 2016 – the same day as the match – that the show would return.

“We had a practice of advertising shows all the time, so fans of the show will stay engaged,” Stotsky said. “Shows are also canceled.” He added that they ultimately decided not to record season 2 because it was not the show that was originally presented to him.

Chyna is suing the reality TV family for allegations that they got “Rob & Chyna” canceled after only one season, which she said disrupted her earnings.

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