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Biz journalist Smythe to write memoirs

Christie Smythe

Business journalist Christie Smythethe editor-in-chief of Business to Business, writes a memoir about his life and his relationship with the convicted medical director Martin Shkreli, writes Kayla Webley Adler by Elle.

Adler writes, “By the end of 2021, Smythe was promoted to editor-in-chief of the publication.” There were many, many jurors who proclaimed the end of my journalistic career, but they were wrong, “she says. ‘This is a small world. , where people get a feeling of, ‘Oh, she’s good and she knows what she’s doing. Sometimes it outweighs “Oh, her ex-boyfriend is a famous white-collar criminal.”

“Smythe says that everything she went through with Shkreli has given her a leg up in her reporting, which often centers on white-collar crime and scandals. ‘I feel like I have this ability to look into people’s minds – it is almost like this amazing 3D view that I did not have before. I get this feeling of, ‘Oh, I can see how this is from your perspective,’ ‘she says.’ I can get interviews that I might had not been able to get before because people can see that I understand. ‘ Maybe they can see that she is an empathetic ear, or maybe they just feel that the woman who fell in love with Martin Shkreli could not possibly judge them. ”

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