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Billion teenager admitted to all five military academies

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Eighteen-year-old Noble Rasmussen is a Millard North High School senior who is due to graduate at the end of May.

“My friends and teachers have always known that I have been a tough charger in my academic life at school,” said Noble Rasmussen. “Just getting things done as early as I can, and just so I can get the highest grade I can.”

His pursuit of being the best is something that his parents say he has always had.

“We called him Noble for growing up with the honorable character, and we’ve seen him wear it throughout his life,” said his mother Cheri Rasmussen. “He was a very disciplined young student. Homework and academics came first before he went out and had fun with his friends.”

The teenager, who has military ambitions after high school, was admitted to all five military academies.

Noble’s push to “aim high” sends him to the U.S. Air Force.

He said he chose the Air Force because he did not want to be stuck in a boat or out somewhere in the Army.

His parents said his mix of academic, athletic and leadership skills made him a candidate for every program.

“All those things together have been the package that the academies have wanted,” said his father Kirk Rasmussen. “We’re really proud of him.”

Noble shared some advice for other teens who are striving for their own success.

“Stay strong, stay optimistic and stay motivated,” he said. “Just a little at a time and one day at a time is how you get through it.”

He will start teaching at the Air Force Academy from this summer.

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