Biggest DC Extended Universe Retcons (That Were For The Best)

As one of the largest fictional film universes is DC Extended Universe developed over time. When it started in 2013, it was not yet clear which superheroes would appear in it and how much they would differ from their comic book counterparts.

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The DCEU’s creators changed their vision as time went on, even if it meant sometimes restore information who have already appeared in the previous films and were part of the canon. The good news is that some of them biggest DCEU retcons were also for the bestfor example, because they provided more information about the heroes and their backgrounds.


5 Wonder Woman wasn’t hiding all the time

When Wonder Woman first appeared in the DCEU in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) she explained that she had left the world of men a hundred years ago. After the loss of Steve Trevor and the events of World War I, Diana probably closed herself off from everyone else and lived a quiet and non-heroic life. But as the events of Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) proved that this was not entirely the case.

When the time came to try and save the world, Diana rose to the challenge and proceeded to fight against both Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. She also proved that she still had it in her to be friends when she and Barbara Minerva became close before Barbara changed to Cheetah. It’s true that Wonder Woman did her best to stay hidden from the public, but she still helped save the world. What’s more, she finally came to terms with the fact that she had lost Steve Trevor a long time ago, which gave her more hope for the future.

4 The League has no problem reviving Superman

One of the more painful points of the original 2017 Justice League the movie was the attempt to bring Superman back. The film took a lot of time to establish the plot, even though it was clear from the previous film’s ending that Superman would be back sooner or later.

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Instead of discussing the moral complexities of bringing the hero back from the dead, the 2021 Snyder Cut of Justice League has the heroes focused on other things. They still work together to revive Superman, but his return is no longer their sole focus, and as a result, Superman joins the team earlier and in a more seamless fashion than in the 2017 version of Justice League.

3 There are more superheroes than previously mentioned

Another change that the Snyder Cut brought to the DCEU was the inclusion of more superheroes. Most importantly Martian Manhunter. Although Martian Manhunter has yet to work with the other superheroes, he still helped them by showing up to talk to Lois Lane in the form of Martha Kent and help Lois overcome the grief she faced after losing Clark .

In the film’s finale, Martian Manhunter reappeared, this time to speak with Bruce Wayne. This gave audiences hope that Martian Manhunter could be more active in the DCEU in the future. Not to mention that his powers, especially his ability to transform into others, could be useful to the Justice League.

2 Different personalities

The earliest films in the DCEU struggled with the characterization of the heroes. They had to decide how they wanted the superheroes to behave. Superman was too dark, Batman too angry, and Flash and Cyborg joked too much. The later films, most importantly the Snyder Cut, changed the heroes’ personalities and for the better. Superman still had his inner doubts, but seemed much more welcoming than before. Both Flash and Cyborg got a makeover, so they were now more serious but still believable, and they had more space than before.

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And as for Batman, he was still angry, but the movie did a better job of hinting at the budding friendship between him and Superman despite everything that had happened between them before. Finally, even before the Snyder Cut, Aquaman (2018) changed the character of the titular hero. Originally, Aquaman blamed his mother for abandoning him, but in his solo film, he recognized the truth and blamed Atlantis instead of killing his mother. Of course, as all fans know, Aquaman and his mother, Queen Atlanna, were eventually reunited.

1 Amazons are out there

As the first wonder Woman film proposed in 2017, the Amazons do not leave the island. Diana is the first to break the rule and enter the world of men, even if it means she will never be able to find her way back. But the supposed absence of other Amazons in the world is not true as Wonder Woman 1984 shows.

The film features the character of Asteria, an Amazon who left Themyscira long ago and once wore the golden armor that Diana wears in the film. Although Asteria lives among humans, she seems to keep a low profile for the most part. Maybe that’s why the rest of the world thinks Wonder Woman is the only Amazon out there. In future films, Asteria and Diana may team up as they are as close to family as they come in a man’s world.

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