‘Better Call Saul’ Star thought she was done with the show more than once

Now that Julie Ann Emery has returned as Betsy Kettleman in the latest season of Rather call Saulgives the actor an expression of what a pleasant surprise it was to reappear as the character.

Betsy, along with her malleable husband, Jeremy Shamos’ Craig Kettleman, are the white-collar criminals whose embezzlement ultimately brought them legal consequences in the first season. After Craig earns hard time for the $ 1.6 million scam, the couple has re-emerged in season six as tax brokers, now skimming the top of their ignorant customers’ reimbursement.

As Emery explained in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she assumed she had finished Betsy about three or four times over the years. After the characters ended their arc in season one, they did not return in the main show until now, but appeared in a stand-alone short film alongside season three, No picnic.

When Jeremy Shamos and I finished season 1 [episode seven] ‘Bingo,’ we gave as Kettleman’s kettle to the crew, and I thought it was our farewell. And then the lovely No picnic happened. Ariel [Levine] and Jenn [Carroll] is wildly talented, and Jenn, who is producing now, was the producer on stage for episode two of season six. She is fantastic.

Emery said after filming season six episode two a year ago, she assumed this would be the last time she and Shamos would play their respective characters for the show. But they ended up returning to yet another web special, American greedwhere Kettleman’s interview in documentary style reveals about the titular James McGill (Bob Odenkirk).

[W]I thought we had said goodbye to Kettlemans when season six ended, but suddenly Vince got an idea for a Rather call Saul – Breaking Bad crossover on American greed

It’s worth noting American greed is a true documentary on CNBC that makes the immersion of the fictional world even more compelling.

You can see new episodes of Rather call Saullast season every Monday at AMC.

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