Benedict Cumberbatch channels Doctor Strange in the SNL monologue

Benedict Cumberbatch unleashed one multiverse of merriment while you are hosting Saturday Night Live this week.

May 7 Doctor Strange actor, 45, hosted the show for the second time and took a moment in his opening monologue to thank some of the incredible women in his life ahead of Mother’s Day on May 8 … and gave himself a pat on the back.

Accompanied by soft piano music, “Little Benedict” gave a special shout to his wife, Sophie Hunter, who was among the audience during the show. The couple, who married in 2015, share three sons together: Christopher6, Hall5 and Find3.

“I’m serious about constant, constant reverence for you. I mean, to begin with, you gave birth to our three beautiful boys, and that alone is a minor miracle that any woman will tell you,” he said. “Meanwhile, according to you, I was disguised as a wizard.”

The actor then jokingly claimed that the work he has done on screen was as challenging as raising three children. “Seriously, Sophie, I hope when you think about it, you realize it’s leveling off,” he said. “Because if you find it hard to be a mom, try doing this.”

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