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BBC boss Tony Hall is stepping down due to growing challenges

LONDON – The BBC’s CEO Tony Hall announced on Monday that he will step down from the helm of the British television station in six months after seven years in the job.

Hall said he stopped so a new leader could oversee a mid-term review of BBC funding in 2022 and a renewal of its governing charter expected in 2027.

The announcement comes as the publicly funded BBC faces intense political and public pressure amid a rapidly changing media landscape and viewing habits. It has been criticized by both sides of the Brexit debate over its coverage of Britain’s impending exit from the EU, and some in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative government have proposed changing the BBC’s funding model.

The television company is currently funded largely through a fee of £ 154 per year ($ 200 per year), which is paid by each household with a television. It is not state-controlled, although the government sets the conditions for the broadcaster’s charter, which is renewed once a year.

In a warning to the organization’s critics, Hall said that “in an era of fake news, we remain the gold standard for impartiality and truth.

“What the BBC is and what it stands for is valuable to this country,” Hall said. “We ignore it at our peril.”

Associated Press

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