Bauer is suing for defamation after pleading not guilty to sexual assault

Dodger Pitcher Trevor Bauer has filed a lawsuit against the San Diego woman who accused him of sexual assault in 2021.

Bauer announced the trial Monday, nearly three months after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said it would not file criminal charges against Bauer.

The trial seeks a jury trial and names both his prosecutor Lindsey Hill and her lawyer Fred Thiagarajah, who Bauer said made false statements to the media.

“Miss Hill’s motives for making her false allegations and statements are now clear,” the lawsuit reads. “She wanted to ruin Mr. Bauer’s reputation and baseball career, get attention.
for himself and extract millions of dollars from Mr Bauer. “

Documents from the Bauer case said that in Hill’s pursuit of a restraining order against domestic violence, she omitted not only conversations with Bauer, but medical reports that were “inconsistent with her alleged injuries.” The case adds that Hill’s Internet search history included the term “looked up”.

Hill’s lawyers are also mentioned in the trial, where Bauer claims that they dispersed breached protection orders by giving TMZ images from the investigation.

“After the court ruled in favor of the temporary ex parte, Ms. Hill and her lawyers engaged in a defamatory media campaign to further shatter Mr Bauer’s reputation and to ensure that Ms. Hill’s fictional history received maximum media exposure,” the lawsuit states. “During that media campaign, one of Mrs Hill’s lawyers violated a court-ordered protection order which restricted the publication of certain medical records by sharing photographs obtained from the PPD. [Pasadena Police Department] with TMZ. “

Hill and Bauer met twice, with both parties claiming they had “rough sex”. On June 29, the San Diego woman was given a temporary restraining order when she claimed Bower hit her in the face, buttocks and vagina, as well as strangled her, causing her to lose consciousness – all allegations rejected by Bauer.

According to Bauer, after their second meeting, Hill spent the night after intercourse and when he left his residence, “did not look like the pictures” of her with bruises on her face and body. Bauer added that they set “clear boundaries” and that she repeatedly gave her consent in connection with intercourse.

In a 7-minute YouTube video titled Bauer “The Truth,” the Dodger pitcher spoke about the charges and the DA’s decision not to prosecute, dismissing all allegations against him.

“During the investigation, I have seen many draw premature conclusions based on an absurd amount of misinformation and false allegations that had been circulated without absolutely any confirmation,” Bauer said in the February 8 video. “My version of events has not given up because it is the truth. I have also never ‘materially misled’ the courts, as it was found that this woman did.”

The Dodgers season began on April 8, and Bauer has not seen the court this year, as Major League Baseball has extended his administrative leave until at least April 29. Bauer’s administrative leave dates back to July 2, 2021, and he has not played since June 28, 2021.

In 2021, Dodgers signed Bauer to a 3-year, $ 102 million contract, the highest annual contract in Major League Baseball.

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