Batman broadcasts healthy numbers in its first week on HBO Max

The numbers from Samba are out the first week of Batman on HBO Max, and it looks like the service might have a model to work with.

The third-party measurement company Samba has released data for the first week of Batman streams at home. According to the company, 4.1 million households streamed the film during the first seven days. By comparison, the movie Warner Bros. came out. released day and date in 2021 lower with The suicide group (3.5 million), Wonder Woman 1984 (3.2 million), The Matrix Resurrection (3.2 million), and Dune (2.3 million). The current record holder for the best first week is Mortal Kombat with 4.3 million households.

Batman is one of the first Warner Bros. films to be released under the new 45-day theatrical window model. While the entire 2021 schedule was released day and date between HBO Max and the cinemas. As of 2022, the studio has switched to this new model that will see all movies come to the streaming service after its seventh release weekend.

More data needs to be collected from further releases, but it seems that the time in the cinema might help the possible streaming numbers when they hit our TV. With Bat girl rumors of being in discussions to now receive a cinema release, it certainly seems that this data point does not go unnoticed.

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