Barbra Streisand turns 80: her 10 best songs and movies

They says that it’s not so important to live a long life to be happy, but that it is important to live a full life in those years. If they do not, they must tell it Barbra Streisandwho turns 80 today.

The iconic artist with the useless nose has been and remains one of the most important figures in Western music and film culture for the past 50 years, having participated in a number of projects that have led to her becoming recognized and honored on numerous occasions, as well as feeling eternally young.

Because youth and authenticity are earned rather than purchased, they must be exercised. In honor of the singer born in Brooklyn, married twice (currently) James Brolin ‘s wife since 1998), and mother of Jason Gouldwe look back on her most significant film and record performances.

Congratulations, Barbra! Do you have to live many, many, many years!

Top 10 Barbra Streisand Movies

  • ‘Funny Girl’ (1968): Fanny Brice, played by Barbra Streisand, is a Broadway and radio actress who has had great success. It ends up disrupting his personal life as a result of his rise to fame. She won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role.
  • “Hey Dolly!” (1969): The actress, who was only 27 years old at the time, played the famous main character in this successful Broadway play and thus got her first film adaptation. “Hey Dolly!” is a film directed by the legendary Gene Kelly. In 1970, it was nominated for seven Oscars and won three of them. Streisand, of course, was not nominated for any of them.
  • ‘On a clear day you can see forever’ (1970): Streisand has always been interested in psychology-related topics, and she has reviewed many of them throughout her film career. Daisy Gamble, a woman who needs the help of a famous doctor to quit smoking, was her first foray into that world in ‘Come Back to My Side’. The doctor discovers that Gamble has lived many previous lives while treating her with hypnosis.
  • ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ (1970): One of the actress’ favorites. In it, she gives life to Doris, a prostitute who works to serve the neighbors of her own building.
  • ‘What did the doctor say?’ (1972): Judy Maxwell, played by Barbra Streisand, is a disaster-prone college student in this romantic comedy. Her character, who can not go a semester without blowing up a classroom in the air due to a messy chemistry experiment, is completely lost.
  • ‘The Way We Were’ (1973): This has to be one of the most important love movies in cinema history. One of Streisand’s most famous songs, ‘The Way We Were’, is included on the soundtrack. In this film, Barbra and Robert Redford play two college students whose lives collide during World War II.
  • ‘Funny Lady’ (1975): The sequel to ‘Funny Girl’ arrived seven years later to the delight of all Fanny Brice fans. Here, Brice is already a woman living her last years of fame.
  • ‘A star is born’ (1976): This famous story has been revised several times in the history of the film as we could see in 2018 with the version of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. In it by Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, the story is for the first time transferred to the world of music. They both won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for the song ‘Evergreen’.
  • ‘Yentl’ (1983): Making this film was one of Barbra’s great struggles in Hollywood, which she finally achieved when she debuted as a film director. In it, they tell the story of a girl who disguises herself as a boy to study the Talmud. It won several awards: the Golden Globe for Best Musical and Best Director (for Streisand), and the Oscar for Best Soundtrack in 1984.
  • ‘The Prince of Tides’ (1991): In his second job as an instructor, Streisand tells the story of football coach Nick Nolte, who must overcome his sister’s suicide attempt and several traumas thanks to the help of a psychiatrist from New York, played by Streisand. The film lacked to win an Oscar with seven nominations.

Top 10 Barbra Streisand Songs

  1. ‘In love woman’, Barbra Streisand
  2. ‘Gilty’, Barbra Streisand with ‘Barry Gibb
  3. ‘Evergreen’, Barbra Streisand with Babyface
  4. ‘The Way We Were’, Barbra Streisand with Lionel Richie
  5. ‘I Finally Found Someone’, Barbra Streisand with Bryan Adams
  6. ‘Tell him’, Barbra Streisand
  7. ‘What Kind of Fool’, Barbra Streisand with John Legend
  8. ‘You do not give me flowers’, Barbra Streisand
  9. ‘Memory’, Barbra Streisand
  10. ‘Do not rain on my parade’, Barbra Streisand

What is the ‘Streisand effect’?

Before concluding this artistic review of our famous actress and performer, there is a journalistic concept known as’Streisand effect, ‘which few people know of, and which bears the surname Barbra. This phenomenon occurs when one tries to cover up or censor specific information, but the attempt fails, which results in the opposite effect, namely to highlight the information and make it true or valid in the eyes of society. In most cases, it is information that goes viral. Why is it called Streisand? For a scandal in 2003 that involved the actress and photographer Kenneth Adelman.

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