Bad Bunny gets a Marvel role as the Spider-Man character El Muerto

The Grammy-winning artist will star as El Muerto in a standalone Marvel movie for Sony, scheduled to premiere in 2024.

Bad Bunny made a surprising appearance during the announcement at CinemaCon.

El Muerto is Juan Carlos, a man who was a champion wrestler who fought Spider-Man in a charity fight. When the Marvel character El Dorado came to kill a weakened El Muerto who was stabbed by Spider-Man, Spider-Man rescued him and the two defeated El Dorado.

Bad Bunny is Puerto Rico and his first name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasiow

“Bringing El Muerto to life is just incredible,” Bad Bunny told CinemaCon audiences.

He has recently appeared in “Narcos: Mexico” and will star in “Cassandro” with Gael García Bernal. He will also star in “Bullet Train,” starring Brad Pitt, due out in July.

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