“Avoid these 2 CV words at all costs,” says career expert – here are 35 power verbs you can use instead

You only get less than 7.5 seconds to catch a hiring manager’s attention when they read your resume for the first time.

As a career coach who has helped hundreds of people polish their resumes and land jobs, I’ve seen too many candidates focus mostly on formatting, such as font, spacing, and page count.

But words mean more. According to Harvard resume experts, your chances of getting noticed are much higher when you use strong, assertive and confident verbs.

This also means knowing what to keep away, and the two words I always tell people to remove from their resumes are: “responsible for.”

“Responsible for”: Avoid these 2 resume words at all costs

Being responsible for something is just a circumstance. Saying you were “responsible for [X]”is a weak and generic way of describing your abilities and achievements.

Of course you had responsibilities. Doesn’t everyone do that? And if not, did you really add any value to the company?

I also recommend staying away from common office buzzwords and confusing phrases. These are words that you may hear people say all the time, but are often incredibly vague.

A few examples:

  • Deep dive
  • Drill down
  • Flesh out
  • Game plan
  • Hard working
  • Move the needle
  • Moving parts
  • Synergy
  • Team player
  • Think outside the box

Power words that belong on your CV

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