Authors and publishers: “The Emirati Book” .. an opportunity to create a local cultural movement

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A number of Emirati publishers and authors confirmed that the “Emirati Book Fair” is an important opportunity to create a local cultural movement and allows the reader to see the latest publications from Emirati publishers, which the exhibition has gathered under one roof. that the exhibition represents a major step in enriching the cultural scene, from Through communication between writers and publishers, and through discussions and qualitative sessions highlighting the progress of the publishing movement in the Emirates, and the importance of translation to create a global presence for Emirati writers .

  • Salha Obaid
    Salha Obaid

On the importance of the “Emirati Book Fair” for the cultural community in the Emirates, Emirati novelist Salha Obaid said: “Caring for Emirati writers and culture is an important part of the Sharjah cultural project, which began more than forty years ago, and the importance of the second session of this exhibition came after the pandemic known to the world, which causes the presence of the Emirati writer in the live events to define his project on the local map of culture in the UAE, which we are ready over by its diversity and the richness of its authors.
Salha explained that the exhibition sets out a roadmap for the Emirati book, which should take its place in relation to the impact of the presence of Emirati creators on the map of Arab culture, in particular that the current phase is characterized by easy communication on a human and cultural level, which means that the author sometimes precedes his book in presence and dissemination, citing the efforts of the Authority Sharjah Book, which leads to strengthening the local, regional and global presence of Emirati authors, whether it is through the UAE Book Fair, or through translation efforts and external participation.

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Emirati author Nadia Al-Najjar, for her part, believed that the importance of the “Emirati Book Fair” stems from the fact that the local publisher, author and reader of the exhibition finds a space to express Emirati’s culture and reflect the local identity in creativity. and authorship Mechanism of the book industry in the Emirates in terms of form and content.
She concluded by saying: “We need this exhibition because of its distinctiveness and a different knowledge than all exhibitions, especially as it helps to revitalize the cultural movement and brings together Emirati writers and improves their communication. Under the cultural issues, addressed in the sessions and discussions between publishers and authors, it makes us look forward to the next session. “

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Regarding the Emirati publisher, Afra Mahmoud, owner of Ghaf Publishing House, she said: “As Emirati publishers, we have many opportunities to present our publications and convey a diverse image that reflects the interests of Emirati writers in different areas of literature. , knowledge, history, heritage and children’s literature. Despite the importance of our participation in international exhibitions, but We find the UAE Book Fair of particular importance because it highlights the local publishing movement and sheds light on it more broadly. ” She added: “The importance of this exhibition lies in the fact that it gives publishers an opportunity to strengthen the connection with the reader who is passionate about the Emirati book, and provides a service to the reader and the publisher together, especially since we have researchers, university students and a segment of readers interested in the Emirati book, which expresses the local national culture with its heritage, present and hopes for the future. ».

  • Nadia Al Najjar
    Nadia Al Najjar

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In return, Emirati poet Hassan Al-Najjar said: “The exhibition presented a beautiful panel that includes works, writings and research that reflects the literary and critical features of the creative scene in the Emirates of different generations, especially with the emergence of a “new generation of writers who are enthusiastic about adding new to the world of emirate writers. This increases the value of the exhibition, through which we learn about the size and status of our rich cultural scene.” He added: “I was attracted to the themes of the dialogue sessions that came with the exhibition, and I found them important in shedding light on the Emirati author, the challenges of translation, how to reach the other reader and how the world sees in the United Arab Emirates through its heritage and new creativity accumulated by a number of emirate writers whose experiences shone at the local and regional level. “

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