August ‘Ins’ ​​begins with a plea to Jerry Rich to ashcan LIV Golf at Rich Harvest Farms

THE SLEEPING SUMMER crawls into the #1 prison town for sports in America.

The Cubs and Blackhawks are miles from nowhere. The bears are confused. The White Sox continue to show all the sustained fire of a shuttered steel mill in northwest Indiana.

And the Bulls have guaranteed themselves a longer run in the NBA highlands in vain with the ill-advised overpayment of Zach LaVine.

So to keep this boring trolling going, a marginally energetic August edition of Ins & Outs:

I — Calls for wealthy Jerry Rich to pull the plug on planned LIV Golf tournament at his far west suburban Rich Harvest Farms — The Sept. 16 start date for the $25M event is less than five weeks away. … Rich has made a mistake that won’t be a mistake until pushed Saudi golf spears like Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson hit out of his lavish spread. … He will have to eat a good 11th hour chunk of money and choose very public human correctness over an unnecessary taint of golfing guilt by association.

Out — Expect Northern Illinois University to accept additional donations from alumnus Rich if he allows the Saudi bone harvesters to stage their sports wash at Rich Harvest — Rich has enough money to do whatever he wants, no matter how infamous. … If he allows the LIV event to continue, then the need to project properly humanistic instincts shifts to NIU President Lisa Freeman. … She has to open the academic year by acknowledging Rich’s past generosity, but sadly advising that his largesse will no longer be accepted at the proud university.

I — Already losing patience with 2022 Bears over Roquan Smith impasse — A grand way for the McCaskeys to let the Ryan Poles/Matt Eberflus era begin. … Poles apparently have a budgeted number for Smith — who negotiates without an agent. … Smith finds that figure insufficient and has quite cleverly designed his “hold-in”. … He wants to help create Super Bowl football. … Are the tomato presses at the top of the company catalog in Halas Hall?


Out — Expecting something better than a 7-10 grade from the upcoming Staleys campaign — “The rebuild variant” is apparently a pro-sports center from Chicago that maybe Dr. Anthony Fauci should address. … The biggest thing Justin Fields and the Bears have going for them going into the new season is that this is the NFL, where yellow flags dropped and not dropped can send unlikely playoff teams out of mystical fields – even though they are based in Lake Forest.

I — Loudly applauding NBA’s decision to universally retire Bill Russell’s No. 6 — Apparently, the league was waiting for the day when the fiercely independent thinker was no longer positioned to issue any anti-herd social perspectives. … But the bottom line is that Adam Silver and Co. did the right thing. … A champion athlete and forever, an inspirational man.

Out — Major League Baseball’s lackluster attitude toward honoring Roberto Clemente on a similar level — Clemente’s No. 21 should be right up there with Jackie Robinson’s No. 42. … Robinson deserved the first run. … But Clemente’s legacy transcends his status as the game’s greatest trailblazing Latin American superstar. … His MLB accomplishments need no polishing. … But has any diamond gem made the face of heaven so fine in so noble, humanitarian a way?

I — Having a recurring dream that Cleveland’s Steve Kwan will prove key to the Guardians winning the AL-Central — won’t go away, like bad corn flashbacks to Thursday’s “Field of Dregs” game between the Cubs and Cincinnati. … The CLE rookie outfielder plays the game with speed, hunger and intelligence. … No single competitor in baseball’s worst division more consistently embodies all the good things missing from the White Sox locker room. … His G-dians deserve to triumph; Slouch Sliders do not.

Out — Getting too worked up over Steve Stone’s recent “hustling is optional” comment about the horizontal White Sox — Stone is too experienced and too smart to try a new mustard on a press box sausage unless he knows it’s okay with Jerry Reinsdorf. … And Reinsdorf is clearly committed to letting the South Side Minnow go down with Tony La Russa sleeping through too many alarm clocks. … So Stone’s comment was no doubt inbound with The Chairman of Gloom. … It’s Patrick Henry saying, “Give me liberty or let’s break for lunch!”

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