Ashli ​​Babbitt’s brother, already charged with hate crimes, faces new OB charges

Roger Witthoeft
Roger Witthoeft. Image from the CNN broadcast

The brother of Ashli ​​Babbitt, the San Diego woman who was shot dead during the uprising on January 6, 2021 near the US capital, faces new criminal charges stemming from an alleged attack on a man in Ocean Beach, San Diego City Attorney’s Office. Tuesday.

Roger Witthoeft, 33, had already been accused of allegedly beating a Latino San Diego Gas & Electric worker in September and asking him to “speak English, you (exhaustive) immigrant” and “go back to your country.”

Prosecutors say the worker redirected traffic at a Point Loma intersection where SDG & E workers were repairing a supply box, causing Witthoeft to become “furious” because the worker’s truck was stopped at the intersection.

About four months later, Witthoeft got into an argument with another man on Muir Avenue in Ocean Beach, according to the City Attorney’s Office.

In that case, he allegedly got angry at the man for blocking a sidewalk with his car. The City Attorney’s Office said the man helped a disabled friend out of the car when Witthoeft bumped into him.

Witthoeft is accused of hitting the victim, hitting him in the ground and then trampling on the man’s phone. The city prosecutor’s office says the victim contacted prosecutors after reading the news coverage of his hate crime case.

“Mr Witthoeft’s contempt for those who are different from him because of their nationality or disability is reprehensible,” said City Attorney Mara Elliott. “Our community members, visitors and those who work in our neighborhood have the right to be free for acts of violence. This office will fight hard to hold Mr Witthoeft accountable. “

Witthoeft, who is still out of custody, was arraigned in March in a hate crime case and is due to stand trial in June, accused of violence with an improvement in hate crimes, as well as an indictment of violating the victim’s constitutional rights by threatening force.

He is due to stand trial next week on charges of battery and vandalism.

– Byens Nyhedstjeneste

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