Arkane finally confirms, yes, Deathloop is set in the Dishonored universe

Ever since the release of Deathloop last year, fans have speculated that the acclaimed time-loop shooter actually took place in the same universe as Arkane Studios’ much-loved Dishonored series – and now theorists can finally give themselves a pat on the back. and pack away their corkboards: the developer has confirmed that this is indeed the case.

Creative director Dinga Bakaba broke the news during the latest episode of the Xbox podcast (thanks PC Gamer), confirming that Deathloop is “one of the future in the Dishonored world.”

When asked directly about the possible connection between the two games, Bakaba explained: “We have a number of systems [that mean] not everyone has seen the same thing [in Deathloop], not everyone has heard the same song stored somewhere, not everyone has seen every room. So it was nice to see the community pick up on the little clues that we sprinkled everywhere that, well, actually, we envisioned Deathloop happening in the future after [the third Dishonored game] Death of the Outsider.”

Official Xbox Podcast – Deathloop, Dishonored, Redfall and Project Amplify.

“It’s something we didn’t want to do [too big a deal about],” Bakaba continued, “because [Deathloop is] its own story, with its own character, its own time period that we wanted to fill… But at the same time, after Death of the Outsider… we always wondered what would happen after that. And while we were making Deathloop we said, ‘Hey, this could be one of those things that could happen.’

“There’s a certain timeline to connect it, and there are actually a lot of clues in the game. Some that are obvious – one of them is really spoilery, so voila – but there [are] a lot of little things, and some that were under people’s noses all the time [that they’re just now] Find out.”

Bakaba pointed to Deathloop’s Heritage shotgun as his favorite example of this, noting the small logo on the side, which for a long time was barely visible. But since Arkane gave protagonist Colt free animations in the recent Goldenloop update, it’s now possible to clearly see that the logo actually depicts Dishonored’s Dunwall tower.

Deathloop – Official Xbox Launch Trailer.

“So there’s a lot of little things like that,” Bakaba continued, “and then you can start to say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, if this is the Dishonored world, where can that happen? And then you can actually follow thread, and it all kind of makes sense.”

Bakaba also explained that if players take a step back to look at the world as a whole, they will notice additional similarities between Dishonored and Deathloop, from its magic and technology to its classes and inequalities. “Even if it’s something those characters are running away from [in Deathloop]”, he added, “you can see that those differences are still there.”

“We tried to see everything as an evolution,” concluded Bakaba, “but every time [the characters] mentioned the past, either we were vague enough or we naturally disguised the names. Like they talk about the Motherland and not about Tyvia but… once you know that you can unravel everything and yeah it makes sense. It was nice for us to imagine one of the future in the Dishonored world. ”

Deathloop recently launched on Xbox after a year of PlayStation console exclusivity, and is now available on Game Pass for Xbox and PC. So if you feel like hoping and trying to make those Dishonored connections for yourself, now is the perfect time.

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